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Friday, June 30, 2017

Going on a Weekend Trip: The Basics of a Weekender Bag

Packing has always been a challenge especially when you’re going on a weekend trip for 2-3 days out of town. So much it would depend on where you’re going, the weather and your own personal style. It should be simple and you should pack only the essential things needed for the trip to make travel light.

If you are traveling for business, work or for an adventure, know what you’ll need for the trip. Then you can start thinking about other things that you would want to bring.

Working on a weekend?

Start by packing work related stuff, such as laptop, phone, charger, files and paperwork. Digital nomads out there usually bring work everywhere. Keeping your handy and reliable tools of the trade keeps you on top of everything even while on a weekend getaway.

Secure personal identification

If you plan to travel abroad, secure all travel related necessities like your passport, credit cards, medication, and identification.

Pack light

Leave stuff behind that can be purchased later when you get to your destination. If you are traveling by plane it is best to pack light so that you don’t have to check your bag, a good quality duffel bag would be a good choice. 

To help conserve carry on space, wear the same outfit on both round-trip flights. Wear your heaviest items, such as boots and winter coats on the plane especially when your destination has a different climate.

Zip locks are your best travel buddies

Use plastic bags or zip locks for packing your jewelry, chargers, accessories and toiletries. Plastic bags can serve as laundry hampers for short trips. If you do not want to use the free shampoos and toiletries your accommodation offers, store them in small plastic bottles instead to save space and avoid spilling on your weekend bags.

Pack a favorite book or download a new novel from Kindle

You might have to stay for hours on a plane or while travelling by land as you go to your weekend destination. It’s the best time to catch up with your favorite book or start a new novel you have been planning to read.

Research about your destination ahead of time and always prepare and secure reservations or tickets to places you want to see. Save articles and online information on your phone so that you have an idea of what you want to do when you get there. Set an itinerary to make the travel worthwhile and your time well spent.

Lastly, leave stress behind and enjoy the weekend getaway. Get plenty of rest and make the most by enjoying travel and life.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Backpacking Tips: Staying Healthy While On The Go

Staying healthy can be very difficult especially if a free spirited backpacker seeks adventure and new experiences around the world. It is important to stay healthy so the body doesn’t have to pay for it in the end. Eating nutritious food and maintaining a healthy diet during travel can be tricky but can be attained. 

Here are some tips to stay healthy during your travels:

1. Eat healthy and pack healthy foods

Eat a light dinner. Have big healthy breakfast to start the day right and give your body the energy it needs for the adventure. 

Pack on protein bars and chocolates to keep you energized as you throttle around the globe.

Freeze dried probiotics, they are essential to help keep your immunity up. Freezing them ensures you absorb vitamins and minerals properly.

2. Keep the alcohol in check

Go easy on beer to avoid a backpacker’s belly. Six pack of beer is equivalent to two loaves of bread in terms of calories. As much as possible switch to liquor or cocktails mixes and drink it with water.

When doing outdoor activities, it would be practical to stay sober and alert. You wouldn't want to miss the view because of that hangover.

3. Drink lots of water

Stay hydrated, especially if you are on a trek or spending too much time in the sunshine. Some backpacks comes with built-in water containers. Although nature has an abundance in terms of hydration, it would be wise to drink water from a known source to avoid getting our stomach upset.

4. Keep moving

Stay active, go hiking or biking and explore outside. Get involved in activities that would keep you moving. Don’t sit still, especially during long duration transports. Always take time to walk around during bus stops or after long haul flights to stretch your legs.

5. Pack an emergency kit

Try to bring basic medications and a small emergency kit when you travel. You'll have a hard time asking for paracetamol when visiting Taiwan or Tanzania right? Bandages, alcohol, bug lotions, vitamins, antiseptics, scissors and a medical tape are just some of the items you need to have in your emergency kit.

Have some alone time and meditate to free yourself from the stress of travelling. What's the point of exploring the world if you find yourself lost and spiritually low. Reflect on life. The change of view and culture in the places you travel might change something significant in your life. On top of it all, stay healthy while on the move.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Where I Get Musical Inspiration While Working at Home

Regular readers of my website are already aware that I work online. Yes, I do believe that someone out there regularly visits my page. It has been almost a decade since I started working online and more than 2 years since I gave up my office job to be a full-time mom and freelancer at the same time.

The schedule gets crazy at times and yes, stress is still evidently there, but I am not actually complaining. I love my job and I believe I am doing great it in.
During days that I feel bored or I wanted to do something else that will just push my creative juices to kick back, I listen to music. Lately. It has been really crazy with work and with being a mom and wife and a homemaker so I so myself shifting from one music genre to another just to keep up the beat and push me to go through the day at work, and general in life. I would even constantly bug my musicians friend email just to keep the fire burning and exciting.

Here’s a few of the musical inspiration and motivation that I am currently listening to for the past week.

A word of warning, my taste is so diverse, but hopefully, you’ll get an idea on how I feel, what I feel and how I manage to pull through and get things done through the music that I get to listen to.

A lot of the younger generation fell in love with this boy band. Who doesn’t. They are your typical boys next door, who can sing and strut their way to the music industry. I just felt that their song “Perfect” is an escape, a rebellious one for someone like me who’s already an adult and needs to continue “adulting” for my kids and my family. So, yes this is my “escape” song.

Adele is a Goddess of music. Who doesn’t love her? So, whenever I have a deadline to beat, I see myself playing her playlist repetitively until I get things done. I do get to sing along from time to time but I just mostly listen because her songs are so fantastic. I guess this is my “get going” song.

This version of “When We Were Young” is my favorite. Simply because I want to sing that great as well. I am trying to memorize the lyrics of this one, so it’s a favorite in my playlist.

What inspires you and gets you going while you work online? Share your tips in my comments section. I would love to hear from you!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Easy Tips on How to Learn to Play the Drum

Playing the drum is like playing any other musical instrument. It requires commitment and dedication to be able to become better in it. This hard work usually pays of as you reach a higher level of musicianship.

Here are some tips on how to learn and how to get better in playing the drum:

Dedicate Time for Practice and Play

There is a different between practicing and playing the drum. Practicing involves memorizing notes and the rhythm of the song you are intending to learn. 

Practice also helps you improve your stick control, drumming techniques and drumming beats. Playing the drum is like a free-play. You simply hit your drums according to a current feeling or vibe that you have in mind. Do both in balance to enjoy your journey in learning how to play the drum.

Set Goals for Every Practice Session

It is important to have short-term goals even when learning to play the drum. For newbies, familiarizing yourself with the instrument that you will be using a must. You can check out several drumset at to be at home with your instrument.

A basic goal would be measuring how far you have improved as you practice. This should include the notes and beats that you managed to memorize, how you are improving when it comes to stick control as well as blending in with other musical instruments.

Practice on a Pillow

Practicing on a pillow improves your control and pulse. When you practice on an actual drum, your wrists are forced to bring the sticks back up. This can be painful for your wrist in the long run. Besides, playing on a pillow can be a challenge too. Imagine playing a double stroke roll on a pillow. You’ll be surprised how difficult it is!

Enjoy and Have Fun

Playing the drums should now be a chore or a boring activity. You should always have fun and enjoy every possible moment. The more you enjoy playing the drums, the more you will see yourself focused and practicing. This helps you improve faster!

Playing a musical instrument is a form of self-expression. Lose yourself for a while and discover how far you can go. Become the best drummer with practice and perseverance!

Free and Affordable Ways to Stimulate Cognitive Ability at Home

Cognitive ability is the capability of a person to understand and function. It is made up of several set of abilities that makes a person unique or stand-out from others. Higher cognitive abilities can allow a person to do a complex task.

We can do several free and affordable activities that can help enhance out cognitive skills – both in children and in adults. Doing so improves a person’s perception, attention, memory, and motor skills.

Here are some activities, games, and brain teasers that can help improve your cognitive abilities.

Playing with Jigsaw puzzles can take a lot of our time, depending on how easy or complicated the puzzle is. However, doing so regularly improves our patience as well as out visual and spatial processing.

Puzzles are also perfect for kids. It can improve their motor skills, recognition abilities and prolong their attention spans.

Rubix Cube

Soling a Rubix cube helps in enhancing your problem-solving and spatial skills. Although there are many tutorials online on how to solve Rubix cubes, the process still involves a lot of thinking and will still give you reasonable challenge during execution.

Kids can also enjoy playing with the Rubix Cube but may find it hard to solve it. However, color recognition is improved, motor skills are enhanced. Focus and attention are also tested as well as a child’s dedication to the task.


Sudoku is a readily available exercise for the brain. Keeping the brain active can also reduce the possibilities of acquiring degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. It enhances the brain power by encouraging the player to think strategically and at the same time answer the Sudoku puzzle creatively.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles can improve one’s language and vocabulary. Most college and scholarship admission tests requires a comprehensive language test. You’ll be surprised how helpful crossword puzzles can be when it comes to improving and testing your vocabulary skills.

Board Games

There are a lot of board games that can provide a happy bonding experience at home while improving the cognitive abilities of the human brain. Chess can challenge the brain muscles to strategize, plan and execute discreetly all at the same time.

Improving the brain’s mental function and cognitive abilities are not the only benefits that the activities can offer. Adapting these activities can also delay the decline of the brain’s performance and keep a sharp mind as we age. It can also bring in a lot of hours of fun, creativity and bonding among your families, right at the comfort of your homes

Teaching Kids How to Play a Musical instrument at a Young Age

There is really something fascinating about seeing young children play a musical instrument and hearing them do it well. As a kid, I have always wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument. Preferably the piano, guitar or the violin. I have average skills when it comes to the guitar and a little bit when it comes to the piano. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to learn how to use the violin.

I want to give my kids the chance to learn to play a musical instrument. I will not require them too. But I will expose them to as many musical instruments available to let them discover if they are interested in such. I got this idea after my eldest saw a Dean ML at The guitar had this Rockstar vibe and I guess the reason why it easily caught my son’s attention.

However, I am a practical mom and I would want to invest in a guitar like that only If my kid is interested enough. I do not want a beautiful guitar like that stored in a box or tucked away under the bed as soon as he loses interest in it. I want him to learn at least the basics if he really wants me to buy that guitar for him.

Going back to my topic. Here are some tips on how you can teach your children play a musical instrument even at a young age.

1. Expose them to music

Allow your kids to listen to different kind of music genre. Let them watch music videos and allow them to feel and play with the musical instruments you have at home or see in the mall. You will never know if they are interested in one unless you open the door of opportunity by exposing it to them.

2. Let them see real people playing musical instrument

Watching videos may not be enough. Seeing artists play their musical instrument in real life has a more impact rather than what we see on videos and television. It can be in a school play, a small concert or in a restaurant.

3. Enroll them in short classes

Your kids can explore more if you enroll them in short classes. You can make use of their summer vacation by enrolling them to piano class, violin, guitar or any other instrument.

Again, it all boils down to giving your kids the opportunity to discover something new and to explore something they might want to enjoy. Be supportive. Do not push them into things that they do not want to do. You’ll be surprised with how much they can achieve if you just give them a little nudge and see where their adventurous spirit takes them.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

5 Back to School Advice from A Work-At-Home-Mom

It’s back to school time here in the Philippines. A new school year will start by Monday, June 5, 2017. Some schools will start in a later date while others follow a new schedule and will commence with a new school year by August. It’s a new beginning for some, while for others, a continuation of their academic journey.
I have been a WAHM for 2 years already. Last year was the first time my eldest went to school. I was so excited. I literally had a list of the things that he need, will need and might need (LOL) and bought it as early as the first week of May. I even enrolled him 2 months before the actual school year. I was that excited.

This year, the same excitement is still there. But, I am wiser when it comes to investing in the things that he will need for school. I kept his old bag, shoes I bought during the middle of his school year last year and didn’t have to go shopping for pencil papers and other necessities because I already bought too much last year (told you I was excited!)

This year, my kid’s schedule will be an earlier one compared to his noon classes last year. We need to be in school before 10:30am. This is a big adjustment for me because I do my focus work during the mornings. I usually finish all my task before noon and then would go back to check for revisions or any other urgent task on the afternoon. This year it would be different. I need to start my mornings way earlier than usual to be able to accommodate my online jobs and still be involved with my kid’s educations.

Here’s a few tips and techniques that I am starting to practice to maintain balance between my work and my life as a stay at home mom.

1. Plan your day ahead

It’s like having a budget list and sticking to it.  List all the activities that you need to attend in a day and then assign specific hours on when you need to do it. It will be difficult at first but as you focus on it, the earlier and the easier you’ll be able to adapt.

2. Wake up early

The early bird catches the worm.  If you are used to waking up at 7am like me, aim to go earlier. I work till 11pm or even later during weekdays so I really try to catch up on sleep whenever I can. To adjust, I already started waking up 10 minutes earlier than I usually do two weeks ago. I am now usually awake by 6:30am. Hopefully, waking up by 6am would be easier for me as the school year begins.

3. Make the most out of your time

Try to focus more. The less you spend time on social media and other distractions, the earlier you’ll be able to finish your commitments. You’ll be able to have more time for your kids and other things that you do at home.

4. Ask for help

If it is hard for you to adjust in the first few weeks or month of the school year, hire help. You can always get a trustworthy Virtual Assistant that can do a few tasks for you while you are away. This also ensures that you are keeping up with your clients even while you commit time with your family and kids.

5. Take it easy

We often see ourselves as Super Woman. We can do anything. However, we do not always have to do so. Stick with what’s important and what you value the most. Know your priorities but make room for other interesting things that may come your way.

Punishing ourselves for not being able to commit or failing to stick with our plans will just drag us down. Life is a journey that should be enjoyed so we should take it easy from time to time.

Are you physically and mentally ready to welcome the school year?  Be back to school ready, minus the fuzz and the stress with the tips mentioned above!

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