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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

WhatsApp Modifies Looks & Brand New Features on the Queue

It feels better when we can toggle between the options in a better way when it comes to using apps. There are millions of apps available and what matters the most for the app to be doing good amongst the users is that it should have great features and easy to use a well.

What matters the most in an application is the interface which is being used in it. That is the selling point for any kind of app; if it has an interesting interface then it is a winner. Whenever there is an app in the store, it is an obvious fact that there are updates available for the users.

In the recent times, we can see that are a lot of improvements in the world-famous messaging platform WhatsApp. There have been many kinds of updates being introduced in the app. Now, we can see that there have been changes in the way the different options were made available on the app.

Previously when someone wanted to make a call, they need to go into the calls tab and make a new call from the contacts. A pop window would show up for the user to choose which call they would like to make. The app two options for making calls, one is audio call and the other is a video call.

In the previous version of the app, by default, the user had the call button on the right top corner of the chat window. The attachment of multimedia files icon was also available on the right top corner of the app and it has been like that long since the app has been launched. It is an obvious factor that the users are pretty much used to the locations where the option used to sit on the app

There is a change with the user interface of the app, now there is a new update with the user interface as well. In the recent past, we have been seeing that there are new features being added to the app. In the recent times, there is a change in the user interface as well; even that element of the app had got a new update.

At present, the options of the attachment icon do not sit in the same place it used to in the past. We can clearly see that the location of the attachment icon has been moved next to the text area where we type the text we send it to our contacts. Apart from that aspect, we can that there is an addition to the right top corner of the app next to the phone icon.

It is the video call icon which we get to see next to the call button icon. The changes of the icons relocation are done to make sure that it is not cluttered. If the video call icon, call icon and the attachment icon all were put on the same line, then it would look cluttered and there will be no neatness maintained in it as well.

WhatsApp is famous for the simple, neat and clean interface it has when compared to other messaging platforms. These updates of the interface were first made available for the beta testers of the app. We can clearly see that over the years there have been modifications in the user interface and addition of new features to the app.

When the app was first launched, it was predominantly used for sending and receiving innumerable text messages to people across the world. On a later note, audio calling feature was added to the app, so it is easy for people to get connected with their near and dear ones. It has been a great aide for the people to make calls to cross countries at a low cost.

The only requirement which they needed was a good quality data connection to make a call without any hindrances. Then there were other new updates introduced in the app as well. On a later note, there was a new feature added to the app which is the video calling feature.

There was not an icon to make a normal video call when the user selects the call option; there was a pop up showing voice call or video call. Then there was a modification made to that option as well, the call icon and video call icon was flashed under the calls tab along with the contacts.

Now, we can that the video call icon has taken the spot where attachment icon was previously placed in the app. The video call icon is a now available beside the audio call icon and the attachment beside the “Type your message” text area. The text box also has a new look to it with the corners being rounded rather than the older version with a rectangular box.

These changes which have taken place in the app might not seem to be huge. The changes are minimal and don’t have a great impact as well. It is just that the users will be able to have a better way to use the app and benefit through it. This new update of the user interface is still in the testing phase of the app and is available only in the beta version.

Apart from the update with the user interface, we can see that there are other features which are being tested in the beta version of the app. A feature where the user has the option to be able to track down the location of the people who are on our contact list, it will fetch the live location of the person.

There is an option already available for the users where they can share the location. But the new feature is to track the live location within a time interval of 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes and indefinite. Apart from that one update, there is another update which it to revoke sent messages.

Users will be able to revoke a sent message within a time interval of 5 minutes. It can be achieved only in 2 different circumstances, one is when the message is at the server and another one is when the message is delivered but not read. If the recipient reads the message then there will be no option for the user to be able to revoke the message.

Though we text a lot of people in our contact list in WhatsApp, there are a few with whom we chat often. In that case, there is a feature being tested, where the user will be able to pin the chat to the top of the list of conversations. For time being, the user has the option to pin up to 3 pins and it might change over a period.

Another update which might be coming up is a video to gif converter as well. In the recent times, the app has been seeing a lot of changes and a new set of features. It is said that by the end of the year, users will get to see a completely different WhatsApp. So, folks, make sure that you have your WhatsApp up-to-date to enjoy all the interesting and exciting features and changes in the interface as well.

Author Bio:

Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of  Zoplay, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Zoplay is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which is developing , leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like SCIMBO - Whatsapp Clone Script. I'm a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Easy to Do Easter-feels Décor At Home

Summer has just started, and we can already feel that the Holy Week is coming because it is too hot! Easter Sunday and its tradition is a huge part of our childhood. As we have experienced those fun and loving memories of Easter, the same we want our children to experience. 

You can take your kids out; there are some Free Easter Events that you and your children can attend around the city. Just make sure to check the details as some Free Easter events require prior purchase, such as grocery and other items. Check out the List of Free Easter Events in Metro Manila by Mommy Blogger Pehpot

At our home, you can do some DIYs for the Easter. The easiest to do is to hand paint some empty egg shells!

Here is a simple tutorial on how to hand-paint empty egg shells:

Yes, we use empty egg shells, although it is very challenging not to break the whole thing!

1. Crack the egg on one side only, just a small crack will do.
2. Once the egg are out, wash the egg shells but be careful not to break them.
3. Let it dry indoors.
4. Use water color or poster color to paint the egg shells. Design them all you want!
5. Enjoy!

Better use chicken’s native eggs, they are more durable.

You can also try painting hard-boiled egg to ensure the safety of the eggs. You can use non-toxic paint or use food colors for this activity. The more vibrant colors you use, the better. After all, Easter is all about celebration.

When you’re done painting the eggs, you can place it all around your house. Place it on top of the cabinet, or even inside the ref. You can even use those colorful eggs as centerpiece in your living room.

But if you insist on going out this coming Sunday, an out of town Easter event is worth attending. Easter Events in Tagaytay sounds fun! 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Top 13 Realization While Watching “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix

If you haven’t watched Season 1 of “13 Reasons Why” yet, I suggest you skip this article and read something else. If you do not have the time to watch it, this top 13 realizations while watching “13 Reasons Why” list would entice you to Netflix-binge over the weekend. Nonetheless, this post contains spoilers on the Season 1 of the original Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.”

Available from Netflix since March 31, 2017, it took me 2 days just to finish all the 13 episodes of the teen drama. I was so hooked with listening to Hannah’s tapes I just can’t help myself but try to finish the series as early as I could possibly can.

So, what makes the series so interesting to watch and worthy of your time this weekend? Here are as follows.

Being pretty does not make you popular all the time

Hannah may not look like the “girl next door” teenage girl, but she is very beautiful. However, bad companies and challenging situations placed her in an episode where she felt less than others. Being pretty and the center of attention can bring in situations that could alter your life.

Anyone can be a target of bullying

Unlike the usual movies and TV series we see, this series made me realize that anyone can be a target of bullying. Girls with weird braces or teen boys with huge eyeglasses are not the only type of students that can experience bullying. Even the seemingly normal teens can be a target of the bad side that comes in high school.

Everyone needs a friend, at least one

What brought Hannah to her decision in the later episodes of the series was because she had no friend. Although she had Kate in the beginning of the story, not having her around, physically made it difficult for Hannah to go through her life in high school alone. If she had at least one friend who stood with her through all the challenges she had to face in the series, she would have not taken her own life.

Some friends are not for keeps

Hannah had Alex and Jessica. She also had Courtney. She also though she had Sheri. However, in the last days of her life, these people, whom she considered as her friends, pushed her to claiming her own life.

Holding back your feelings has consequences

Hannah kept a lot of things to herself. If she had at least once person to share her problems with, things would have turn out differently for her. If she could have even considered trying to reach out to Tony, instead of recording the tapes, the story could have ended differently.

Keeping things from your parents makes problems bigger

Hannah bad bigger issues in her life that could have been resolved if she shared it with her parents. She seemed to have nice parents in the series, but she didn’t manage to tell them anything, even about her nightmarish experience with Bryce.

High school life is indeed very difficult

Teenage life and high school life rolled into one can be so BS. The series allowed the viewers to actually see the horrors that a person can experience while in high school. Some even suffers worst, pushing them to the edge of suicide.

Some friends can either drop you or lift you up

Hannah never managed to have a lifting experience with her friends. She’d see a glimpse of hope every now and then but one bad circumstance always lead her to losing the friends she always wanted to have.

Relationships with drugs and alcohol involved usually end up bad

Justin and Jessica’s relationship seems genuine.  However, with all the booze and the drugs in between the two of them, their relationship is bound to end in the most heart-breaking way possible. Not to mention pushing a teenage girl to commit suicide.

There is such a thing called bad parents

Justin’s mother was such an AH. Her son was being choked to death and her worries was that the neighbor might call the police and take her boyfriend away.

Every action, good or bad has a consequence

This is the whole summary of what the series is all about. All the things that happened to Hannah and the decisions that she had led to bad consequences, consequences that pushed her to the edge.

The truth really hurts

Clay Jensen had a really hard time going through Hannah’s tapes because he was too afraid to know why he’s name is on one of the tapes and why he could be a reason for Hannah’s death. After Hannah’s revelation about him, the truth was so devastating he ended up ending his life as well.

Saying “I love you” could actually save a life

I strongly believed that if Clay had admitted his feelings towards Hannah, things would turn out beautifully for the two of them and the story would be very different. However, teenage suicide is real and bullying can really push anyone on their edge.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

We Wander Asia Summer Giveaway!

I love joining online contests. Although I do not usually win most of the time, I always felt that it's fun participating in contests and supporting an advocacy or a brand that I believe in. 

One of the contests that I have recently joined lately is We Wander Asia's Summer Getaway.

The giveaway is open to Filipino currently staying on the Philippines or plans to go back to the Philippines any time soon for the summer.

The couple partnered with Cebu Pacific after having a great time last November, here in the Philippines enjoying its beauty and its happy people. By simple doing three steps to earn entries in their giveaway, one lucky winner will have a chance to have a free round-trip Cebu Pacific flight plus 3-nights accommodation to a summer destination here in the Philippines.

To earn an entry, just simple follow these 3 steps.

1. Like We Wander Asia's Facebook Page.
2. Tag all of your friends at the Post's comment section.
3. Subscribe on We Wander Asia's YouTube Channel.

The winner will be picked and announced on a Live Video from Hugo and Noemie on April 16, 2017, Easter Sunday. The Live Video will be hosted on their social media platform (to be announced on their FB page) during the day of the announcement.

The giveaway is just in time for summer here in the Philippines. With so many beautiful islands to choose from, any Pinoy would love to win a trip to one of these beautiful places this Summer 2017.

Hugo and  Noemie are two couples who decided to give up their lives in their respective countries to travel across Asia and other nearby countries to experience the world and be in a different place, 365 days in a year. To know more about their adventure, I suggest you visit their FB page and YouTube Channel.


This is not a sponsored post. I would just love to share their adventure and the giveaway to others. =)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Nutri 10 Plus and Dayzinc Vitamins for Kids Review

I am a Mom to two active growing boys. My eldest, Rafael, 4, is already in school. Yael, my youngest one is about to turn three, and is as enthusiastic as his Kuya. Being a stay-at-home mom allows me to be with them every day while adding up to the household income. Being at home and always online also allows me to read and get the latest information about the best toys, vitamins, activities, and parenting tools and ideas that I can apply with my kids.

Two of them are Nutri 10 Plus and Dayzinc. Just like what I have shared earlier, my boys are very active, indoors and outdoors. Any parent would love to see their kids play, be happy and have enough energy to sustain them as they go on an adventure every day. This is the reason why I decided to try Nutri 10 Plus food supplement. It has Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), Taurine, Lysine, and Zinc – some of the basic and advance nutrients I can offer to my kids.

CGF helps in promoting growth in kids without any side effects. It also promotes tissue repair and cell protection from toxic substances present in the environment. Improved intellectual aptitude is one of the things that CGF promotes in growing children.

Taurine is a very potent anti-oxidant. It also helps protect the kidney, the liver, and promotes effective passage of iron from the bloodstream to the tissues. Lysine helps build muscles while providing energy to the body and promotes a healthier appetite in children. I have seen a big improvement in my youngest one’s appetite after trying out this food supplement. Meanwhile, Zinc is perfect for my eldest who is already in school. It’s a great supplement as well if you would want to maintain a healthy digestive system for your children.

Just like any other parent out there, we all know that that little “extra” we do and offer for our children can go a long, long way. That’s why I also include Dayzinc in my children’s daily regimen. We all know how important Vitamin C and Zinc is in protecting our children against diseases and viruses.  Giving them their daily dose of important vitamins and minerals, backed with proper diet and a lot of physical activities makes them alert, happy, intuitive, and healthy all day.

Another thing that I love about Nutri 10 Plus and Dayzinc is that they are both perfect for my budget. Juggling household chores, work, taking care of the kids, and budgeting can get crazy at times especially for a growing family like ours.  Wise purchases like food items, necessities, vitamins, and other household needs is a must for me. Accessibility is also very important since I do not have the luxury of getting to places with a car. Thus, most of the important items on my grocery list are not only “worth every penny” but are all easily available as well.

Same goes with Nutri 10 Plus and Dayzinc. They are conveniently available at Mercury Drugstores nationwide. In my case, it’s just a five-minute tricycle ride away from home.

As for prices, you can refer on my list below.

Nutri 10 Drops 30ml -  Php.125.00
Nutri 10 Plus 120ml Syrup –  Php.180.00
Nutri 10 Plus 250ml Syrup – Php.310.00
Dayzinc Drops 30ml – Php.110.00
Dayzinc Syrup 120ml – Php.125.00
Dayzinc Syrup 250ml – Php.240.00

Both vitamins are light on the budget, effective, safe and helps me worry a little less often about my children’s health. Ask your Pediatrician or visit Nutri 10 Plus' Facebook Page to know more about these products. Get the best value for your kids with Wert!

#nutri10plus #wert #mommybloggersph

Friday, March 24, 2017

Efficient Tools You Can Use to Track Your Ovulation

Having children is one of the ultimate dream of couples who would want to have a family. There is a hard to explain joy that comes with having babies and raising children. Although parenting can be hard most of the times, the joy of bringing a child and raising a good person within the family that you create is a personal achievement any parent would be proud of.

Timing is very important for couples trying to get pregnant. Ovulation is when the woman’s body releases the egg which will be then be fertilized by the sperm. A woman with a regular cycle ovulates once in a month. Which means there are only a few days per cycle that a woman is at her best chances of conceiving. Here are tools you can use to detect ovulation.

BBT Thermometer

A BBT or a basal body thermometer functions almost like a regular thermometer, except that it is more sensitive to the body heat compared to a regular one. A BBT might be challenging to use at first as you will have to chart your result but as you go along, you will find that it’s easy-to-use. When you see a sudden rise in your temperature - that possibly means you are ovulating.

Fertility App/Calculator

A fertility application or calculator helps you easily monitor and track your ovulation using your mobile device. Most of these are free and are available to download for all Android, iOS and even Windows phone users. Some even comes with fun, colorful icons and easy tracking that will keep your monitoring less boring and complicated. However, this may just work on those with regular periods. You might want to ask your Obstetrician for advice when your menstrual period is irregular.

OPK (ovulation predictor kit)

A free ovulation predictor kit looks like a regular pregnancy test except that it detects ovulation instead. Depending on the brand of the OBK you will be using, you can either collect urine in a cup or hold a stick under while urinating. Colored bands will appear on a test card or the stick will indicate if LH surge is occurring or not. 

Digital ovulation predictor kits on the other hand use symbols, like smiley faces, to indicate if you are in your most fertile days. It would be advisable to collect your urine between 10am and 8pm since the optimum results are most likely observe between 2pm and 2:30pm. Collect your urine every day about the same time to achieve more accurate results.

Two dark lines in an OPK mean a woman is going to ovulate within 24-48 hrs. This is your que and window of opportunity you shouldn’t miss to be able to get pregnant immediately.

All these tools can help boost your chances of conceiving. Pick one that suits you best.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Look Into the Mind of an Online Freelancer

Working online, as a freelancer is no joke. It is as challenging as any other job out there. The struggle is still there despite of being able to enjoy more time at home than at the road, enduring daily traffic. As an online freelancer, I have been in different situations and my mental health had its fair share of ups and downs while working online.

In a report from Counsel and Heal about the how freelance jobs affects the brain, having a freelance jobs gives a person the opportunity to control their movements and how they approach their jobs. This gives the brain the chance to easily predict a person’s movement. Unlike in an office setting, the notion that what we do today depends on what our superior says or what the current facilities present at the office may allow us to achieve is quite unpredictable and makes it hard to put the brain at ease.

How the brain activates depends on how we trace our own path, in the case of freelancing. Even with stress present, the body works better knowing that we are in charge.

However, there will be times that challenges will come and will rattle a freelance workers mind and mental health. Here are some of the “mental health status” I had experienced so far, working online.

The Worrier

During the first few months of my experience as a stay-at-home freelancer, I was always worried if I can sustain the lifestyle that I decided to take. Not knowing or worrying if you’ll have enough gigs to get you going for the week, the month or in the coming years can sometimes make you think twice if working freelance was indeed a great decision. If one had managed to prepare themselves emotionally and financially to the uncertainties of freelance working, getting out of this mental status comes easily.

The I am Still a Work-Slave

A lot of people thinks that working online gives you a lot of free time to browse through your social media accounts, watch Netflix or sleep any time you want. This is not always the case. As you go through your online freelancing career, you will meet clients that will demand most of your time, clients that have overwhelming workloads, clients that will require you to be online on weekends. You’ll meet a demanding client, maybe once, twice or even more during your stint as a freelancer. It is up to you if you will allow yourself to feel like a slave, even with a generous pay, or someone who has full control of their time and resources.

The Procrastinator

Procrastinating is one of the worst attitude an online freelancer should avoid. Having a career online can be temporary or substantial to your needs and aspirations depending on your attitude.  Being a freelancer does not give you the license to go easy with your life, most especially if you plan to make this your source of income.

The Why is Success Taking So Long for Me

Some freelancers reap their hard work earlier than other freelancers. However, even with the knowledge of this fact, frustrations and the feeling that you are not good enough still lingers inside the mind of a freelancer. This can motivate you to work smarter, better and harder. But for some, this can sometimes push them to give up. It is all up to how persistent and eager you are to achieve your dreams as an online freelancer that will help you keep going.

Online freelancing can be as tough or even tougher than the traditional jobs that we have in an office setting. It all boils down to how hard you intend to hold on to your dream in achieving your goals and aspirations in the freelancing world.

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