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Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Glimpse at My Life as A WAHM

I am a mother of two wonderful kids. my eldest son is three years old and my youngest just turned one last May 2015. As a mother and a wife, one has to manage her time well to be able to have career online.

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Working at home has one major advantage -- it is being able to attend to my children whenever possible. It is having a career without failing to attend to my kids' needs. Also, seeing them slowly take on the world in their own unique ways is such a fulfillment. It never fails to warm my heart and put a smile on my face whenever I get to witness my children successfully overcoming a milestone in their lives.

In addition, it sounds pretty appealing knowing that you would be able to work in the comfort of your home and earn. A “Work-At-Home-Mom”! How convenient!

So how do I manage my time as a Work-At-Home-Mom? There are two important things that you need to establish while you work at home. First is managing your time well. You need to be disciplined with your time and respect your boundaries. Your time for your kids, for your domestic chores, and for your online job must be observed. For me, I have specific schedules for my laundry, for tutor, for cooking meals, and for my online job.

Second thing that one has to establish being a Work-At-Home-Mom is your internet connection. Yes, it is crucial to have reliable internet broadband plans. I would like share a few important factors why this is so…

Having an internet connection is pretty helpful for me because of the following:

  1. E-learning. It gives you almost all information you need for whatever workload you have to  accomplish -- with just a click of a mouse, which makes us more efficient. Remember: knowledge is power! Gone are the days where going to the city library, borrowing a book from a friend, or talking to an expert about your work was necessary in order to perform.

  1. It brings us closer to each other -- where doing an interview, communicating with your boss, an associate, a friend or family in a distant place via social media or video call is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

  1. Searching and applying for an online job, receiving workloads, submitting reports, logging in for work is never a problem. You don’t have to worry about traveling or being late.

  1. Online banking! Being able to perform most, if not all, of my financial transactions online at the shortest time possible is very convenient. I would not have to go to the nearest bank where I will still have to stand and wait in line.

  1. Online Shopping. This is every woman’s dream come true. By surfing through thousands of E-commerce sites in your computer, it will save you the time of walking around the mall, waiting in line to purchase an item, getting exhausted, and a whole lot of other “problems and nuisances” that a shopaholic can experience by physically being at the mall.

However, I had to choose from more than a handful of broadband plans from numerous Internet Service Providers. I came up with a list on how to choose the one that would meet my current lifestyle need.

  • One that would fit my budget yet would not sacrifice the download speed and usage, if I wanted to perform at my best.
  • Go through the various Internet Service Providers that have internet broadband plans that would come close, if not exactly, perfectly suited to my preferences.
  • I will then have to choose which of the monthly internet broadband plans to install.

These were all the steps that I took to ensure that I was able to get the right Internet Service Provider and internet broadband plans that are best suited my need and lifestyle. I have been earning and spending time with my family at the same time, at my own pace, and at my most convenient time. I have been enjoying my life ever since as a Work-At-Home-Mom!

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