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Monday, October 26, 2015

Internet Usage for Seniors: What to Consider

Staying connected, nowadays, is always possible as long as one has internet connection. Kids and adults alike can go online and be with their families and friends without having to leave their home through the power of communication on the web and mobile.

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However, just like kids, seniors need guidance when it comes to using the internet. With the numerous online scam and phishing attacks proliferating in the internet, it is deemed important to protect our elderly to avoid them from being a victim of these illegal and negative activities that comes with using the online web. It is a good thing knowing that there are several broadband for seniors options available for the elderly nowadays. These services usually provide seniors with a safer and more secure environment in the cyber space when they are online.

What do broadband for seniors do?

Protects them from phishing attacks
Saves them from online scams
Guides them in banking online
Easy access to help and advice in using the internet
Guides them around the worldwide web
Protects them from identity theft

Deciding on the different options on broadband for seniors include several factors to consider.

Through knowledge and broadband plans dedicated for the use of seniors, once can protect the elderly from the dangers that the internet may present.

No More Scams

Seniors can be too trusting or too cautious. When they tend to be too trusting, they become easy targets for scam artists. Older internet users can experience a variety of scams and they can easily fall for it. Seniors who are prone to helping people can be easily led into trusting a scammer online.

Lottery scams are the most common scam in the internet. If I would count all the winnings that I had from online lotteries, I would be living on my own island with a yacht neatly tucked at my own dock. Seniors should stick by the saying that if it is too good to be true, it is likely an illusion, or in this case, just another scam. When a person online tries to separate you from your money without a physical object or service in return, or when one promises to give you a huge amount of money in exchange for a smaller amount, it’s time to click the tick button and send this emails on your SPAM box.

Protected for Phishing

Think before you click. Some scammers online pretends to be professional from reputable institutions that will often entice you to click on a link that will most likely cause you to lose the confidentiality of your bank accounts, emails and social media accounts.

Once phished your username and password can be accessed, unfortunately without your knowledge and can be used in illegal activities. Your personal information is often stolen, such as your credit card and bank accounts. The best way to avoid this is by going directly to the bank website rather than clicking a link from an unknown source.

Seniors can still enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience online without being too cautious online. With the right broadband for them, they can keep their identity safe and their peace of mind always free of stress.

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