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Monday, November 2, 2015

5 Tools to Check Out for Work-at-Home Individuals

As remote jobs are becoming a trend, startup businesses have long valued this type of setting. They keep hiring pool of talents in a more productive environment. Some tech-savvy companies had relied on it as well.

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But in order to take advantage of this type of work, you need to identify those tools which could be of great use to stay on top of your work duties. Although the stress is less in this type of working environment, communication and a smooth exchange of data is necessary to keep your online professional relationships running smoothly.

Internet service
Obviously, you will need a reliable internet service as you will be online for more than eight hours. There are two common types of broadband connection; the ADSL and the cable modem. Let’s compare ADSL vs cable modem.  


ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is available with an existing phone line. It transmits digital information to homes on phones. It’s ideal for home use because it doesn’t need special cables. But most of us are uninformed that they have slower download and upload speed.

On the other hand, cable modem is tied up in TV bundled service. It tends to be more expensive than ADSL in overall cost. However, it guarantees a faster speed.

Online and offline backup drives

Better protect yourself from drive failure. An external disk or an online backup service could save you from devastation if the hard drive or your entire PC crashed.

Another option is a cloud-based file sharing service. Google Drive and DropBox are user-friendly and are great to make your task easier. They allow you to view, send, and receive files anywhere you are. It also allows your team to view and update shared files easily, eliminating the need to constantly send updated files.


It is still advisable to have a smartphone with you. It will keep you updated on what’s happening if you have to go out for a while in an urgent situation. Install important communication features on your smartphone to catch up. Google Hangouts, Skype, and even your e-mail can be conveniently accessed via your mobile phone in the event that you may need to go out and run a few errands.

Power supply

We would like to avoid spending on repairs when our equipment was damaged by power outage. Uninterrupted Power Supply will protect your device from power spikes.

Wireless gadgets

Being in front of the monitor all day will make you uncomfortable. A wireless mouse, a keyboard, and a soundproof headphone could make you more focused and relaxed. Since they are wireless, they are also clutter-free.

For a more fun home office, these tools are definitely must-haves, because really, working could never be this flexible and convenient. It keeps you on top of everything and in control, creating a more professional and smart online worker out of you.

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