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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Belo Advanced Anti-Ageing Collagen Powder Drink Review

Natural beauty stays forever.

Well this is true for the beauty of the heart and soul. Unfortunately physical beauty fades throughout the years. Some may be lucky to enjoy looking young even as the years past, but eventually, wrinkles will appear, the skin will sag, unwanted veins will appear and well be surprised to see ourselves in the mirror looking like our favorite grandparents.

However, there are ways on how we can fight and delay the signs of ageing. Fine lines can appear later than predicted, the skin can stay as supple and smooth as it was in your teen years and you could still look like 25 even if you are already 31.

This and more is what I want to achieve when I decided to try Belo’s Advanced Anti-Ageing Collagen Powder Drink. At first I was really not a fan of beauty supplements, but as you age and as you try to fight the signs of ageing, you tend to try out different products, backed up with testimonials and extensive research to hopefully keep your glow and beauty stay longer.

Call me materialistic or too shallow for wanting to prolong my youth, but when you are a mother of two, a wife of a young man and an advocate for change and anything beautiful in the world, you would want to extend not only your youthful looks but as well as your youthful health to be able to keep up with your family and love ones.

Going back to Belo’s Collagen Powder Drink, at first I was not really impressed with how it tasted. I tried mixing it with water during my first attempt and it was very hard for me to appreciate its taste. I later on tried it with a flavored drink and it tasted better. I love sweet things so this may be the reason why I didn’t really enjoy the product’s taste.

Although the initial reaction to the taste was not that pleasant, waking up the next day and looking at the mirror felt and looked different. My cheeks were plump, they look and felt plump. I really have these bad dark circles around these eyes which make my cheeks looks deep, however, with just a day of use of the Belo Collagen Drink, a noticeable change was already visible. The next few days were even more interesting. I see my face glowing as I continue drinking the supplement. I already have nice skin, thanks to my genes and my choice not to stay under the sun for long periods of time, however, I see the skin on my neck improve as well. A positive sign for someone like me who rarely appreciates beauty supplements.

I am continuously using the product and mix it with my favorite drink every two days. It is advisable to use it daily, twice if possible for best results. However, with a price tag of $2.5 dollar per 7000mg sachet, it was not economical for me to take it every day. Nonetheless, if I had a lot of extra cash at tow, I would take the supplement daily and will look forward for even more pleasurable results.


This is not a paid post/review. Review is based on my personal experience from the product that I happen to enjoy and recommend using.

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