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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kids on the Net: Safety Tips to Keep Children Safe on the Web

The internet is a very helpful platform for communication and information. But just like other things in the world, the internet has a dark side as well. Porn, hate groups, misinformation, trolls, phishing and identity theft are just some of the bad things that comes with this wonderful technology. No matter how much we try to protect or delay our children’s exposure to such things online, we could not completely protect them if some precautions are not practiced.
Here is how to keep kids safe on the internet, with or without supervision from parents and adults.

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Get involved

Parent should step into your children’s Cyber World. Just like the time you knew every corner of their playground back when they were still kids, you should familiarize yourself with what’s new and where your children are getting into when it comes to the online world. They may be addicted to every website dedicated to Barney at a certain age in their life, but as they grown they will visit more sites and will eventually discover social media. Be sure to be well-informed about these platforms ahead of them.

Set rules
Young kids may have access to the internet via a PC or a tablet. Make sure that these items are located in a public area in the house so that anyone can practically check on them from time to time to see what they are doing. Allow children to take turns when using the internet. It is also important to set a time for using the internet. School nights are free from the internet unless an online research is needed, but of course with full supervision from a parent. Allow them to spend time online during the weekends but be sure that they still enjoy plenty of time outdoors.

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Teach them the importance of privacy

Personal information can be sometimes revealed online. Teach your children to limit sharing their details online whether with a friend most especially with a stranger. Tell them to never give their name, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, passwords, pictures and other details without your knowledge and permission. They should also be limited from opening e-mail from people they don’t know. It is also important to let them know the possible risks and dangers that may happen if they decide to meet someone they have met online.

Monitor the use of the internet

Find time to check the Browsing History of your PC. Monitor its use. You can do this by putting it in a strategic location, inside the family room.

Make your ISP your ally

iPrimus broadband plans offers services like filtering and child-friendly software for your kids. Other internet service providers also offer such which allows you to control and limit your child’s access to websites and communication features according to age, categories, time and other choices.

You need not necessarily keep your kids away from the internet. Guide them and educate them on the proper use of the internet and let them know the potential dangers they may encounter online. Always make them aware that you are ready to assist them in the event that they may encounter something beyond their capabilities and judgment online.

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