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Thursday, November 19, 2015

No More Loose Sheets with Kids Zip Sheets

A good night sleep is very important to keep one’s body healthy and strong. A complete sleet at night is very essential not only to adults but most especially to growing children.

However, kids can have a hard time sleeping if they fail to keep themselves in bed at night. Some kids fall of from their beds when sleeping. Others often kick their sheets of leaving them cold during the night. As a parent, I would always want to give the best to my child. It is also a hassle to keep picking up the bed sheets every morning from the floor. Imagine having 5 kids and 5 bed sheets to pick every morning plus 5 beds to fix after that. I am not complaining about the things I do for my kids, but I would rather spend those 5 minutes doing something creative and fun with them.

This is when I found out about Kids Zip Sheets. This stay put sheets are innovative bed sheets for kids 2-12. They practically look like sleeping bags but with a twist. It’s a bed sheet and flat sheet rolled into one. You just practically have to cover your mattress with the sheet that comes with an extra sheet that can be zipped to open and close. The child is located in between the sheets and the extra top sheet.

At first I was worried if the kids would have a difficulty getting out of bed, especially during at night to go to the bathroom. However, with a simple zip out motion, they can easily get out of bed to go to the bathroom or to sneak in the kitchen to get a cookie. What’s great about the product is that I am assured that my kids will never fall out of bed because they are neatly tucked in bed. No more lose sheers in the morning and fixing the bed is a breeze.

The zip sheets come in different sizes. They have cot sizes perfect for cribs, boori cot for bigger toddlers, single, king single and double sheets. As for colors, they practically have the basic ones perfect for any kid’s room, I practically love the bright blue and bright pink ones. Price ranges from $59.99 and they frequently have sales and promotions available for avid customers. Parents who feel that they are not giving the best sleeping conditions for their kids should check this one out.

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