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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Productivity Tips for Work-at-Home Parents

Working at home may seem to be a lucrative idea for some, but for those who really does it, it is an everyday challenge to meet and beat deadlines while taking care of the kids, doing household chores, shopping for groceries, and maintaining at home all at the same time. It is not as glamorous as you think it is especially if you have kids at tow.

Just like what I have shared with my colleagues and former office mates, working online at home is not like sipping a cup of tea. You need to manage your time, not only at work but also for the family. One should know how to insert exercise and other physical activities to stay healthy even while being stagnant at home. There are a lot of things to consider when working at home while being a parent and a homemaker at the same time.

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Here are some of the productivity tips I follow to keep everything in chaotic order (just kidding) at home and at work while being a Super Mom to two adorable boys.

Budget your time wisely

Time is very essential when maintaining a home, raising kids and working online. Allot a sufficient amount of time for work, for play and for household activities. It is also important to have time for relaxation and exercise even while at home. Work-At-Home parents often forget that their health is also very important and should be taken care of even at home. Engage into physical activities from time to time like weekends together with the whole family. A sound body and mind is necessary to perform your duties and responsibilities at home and in your job.

Have a dedicated area for work

You should not necessarily need to have a home office in your home to have a dedicated area for work. The kitchen table will do or the living area. I personally have a table that can be towed in any area of the house making me able to work practically in every corner of our lovely home. I usually work in an area where I can see my kids, either with them playing or sleeping. It was hard at first to keep their hands away from my mouse and laptop, but at time passed, they have managed to understand that Mom’s working and not just surfing the internet. At times, my oldest child would even pull me to my laptop and tell me to type.

Strictly follow a schedule

Sticking to s schedule will allow you not only to be productive but to be on top of everything. Hurried work is often work with less or no quality. Set a time during the weekends to write down your weekly schedule, including time for work and time for the family. Be sure to have an equal share of time for both activities because they are equally important in your life. It’s a privilege to work at home seeing your kids, but you should be also responsible enough to be a productive freelancer to continuously enjoy being one. A decent Foxtel broadband is also necessary to be on top of everything.

Take advantage of the kids' nap time

Kids have a regular sleep pattern. Use this time for heavy household activities like washing clothes or for taking a bath and spending “me time”.

Stay away from temptations

Try to turn off the television when working or turn your head away from the sofa during noon time. You have full control of your time when you work online at home. However, many temptations can hinder you from finishing your tasks on time. You can always enjoy a few hours of nap during weekends. Value your time as well as the time of your clients to become a successful WAHM.

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