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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Remotely Working Online

Photo Credit: Joie Mojica-Gahum via Facebook

Been gone for quite a few days and was busy juggling wife and mother duties. My family spent almost two weeks in Tapaz, Capiz, my husband’s hometown. It was the first time for us to travel as a family and a first time for the kids to travel by plane. The plane ride was a smooth ride going to Roxas City. Thankfully, my kids behaved all throughout the flight.

My mother-in-law was already waiting at the airport when we arrived. I have met her several times already here in Manila and Cavite so everything was just plain normal. However, it was the first time for the kids to be spending time at her place, so she was pretty excited. We had our lunch at Robinson’s Roxas and bought some groceries for the kids along the way.

My in-laws place is pretty big for someone who lives with just another person in the house. We mostly stayed on the second floor of the house because that is where the cable television is located and where our rooms were. The kids, most especially my toddler enjoyed being able to watch cartoons the whole day. My youngest, a year old kid enjoyed being able to roam around the house.

As for me, I was shocked to discover that my Smartphone did not have any reception inside and outside the house. I had to buy a different prepaid SIM to be able to communicate at work and at home. Another bad thing is that the place had no internet access. I brought two portable broadband with me but both barely gave me a decent internet connection. I had prior commitments and several deadlines to finish. So practically, the first day of vacation was quite stressful for me.

I managed to get a steady connection with my broadband tied to the roof (literally!) and had to work exposed to the sun from 2PM to 4PM, when the reception is favorable. Thankfully I have a cousin that works part time VA for me so I had him do all the research for me. I was able to finish several deadlines and managed to keep my relationship with my online clients still intact.

As a family, the trip was mostly relaxing, a little bit tiring but generally relived me from the busy life I have here in Cavite. Being able to wake up early to enjoy the breeze on the terrace and sleep early at night without noisy neighbors to disturb your sleep was quite a treat. And the kids had a lot of sleep to, which is good because they rarely enjoy that here at home.

However, when working online, being in a remote area in the province can be really stressful. You dread for unanswered emails. You worry about deadlines and if you could really manage to attach that important document even with a slow internet access. Not the mention the unexpected current interruption in the area which lasts as long as 9 hours, something I have experience way back when I was just three. Working remotely in the Philippines is not as favorable as that of other countries around the world.

Thankfully the vacation days are over. As much as I would love to eat fresh eggs from the chicken coop every morning and the pollution free air, with my current lifestyle, online, being in the city, where internet access is reliable and telephone signals are solid, living in this are is still my first and only option in mind.

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