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Sunday, December 13, 2015

How to Start a Career as a Work-at-Home Mom (WAHM)

For most moms like me, freelancing online at the comfort of one’s home while enjoying the privilege of being able to see your children grow is a dream come true. I have been living the dream from almost a year now and I am loving every minute of it. We get to be our own boss, we work on our own hours and we have the sole responsibility in bringing our online careers to its success. This sounds great, but freelancing full-time is not for everyone.

I may enjoy being my own boss and working on my own time but I have deadlines too. I still get stressed and the pressure is still there. Some people, just like me are good at working on their own, some do not. Some works well for a company, climbing the corporate ladder via their 9 to 5 jobs.

But for those who are passionate enough to fulfill a career at home while being a wife and mom for the family, here are some tips you can follow.

Always be accountable

Like what I have said, you are I full control on how you will succeed as a WAHM. Freelancing full time means that you are responsible for every activity you get involved with online. No one will monitor your progress and no one will command you to do this or that. You are the one to blame, or to praise for every outcome that may happen on your job. This is where focus and knowing how to prioritize comes in. These two things will help you achieve your daily goals and will lead you to a successful job online. You cannot blame you cable broadband Australia for delayed meetings of wasted opportunities. Everything is on you.

Practice Self Discipline

However it may sound to be tempting to spend the whole day doing your household chores and the night doing your online job, it is not as easy as you think it is. Ditching your job to go shopping in the morning or to watch a movie and then later on would haphazardly finish a task is bad for your health and your online career. Though there may be times that you may need to go out and socialize or sleep during the day. Skipping on the things that you need to finish makes you less productive. Spending your nights working late is also bad for your health. When you start to feel tired, you tend to lose focus and lack motivation. Success is far at hand if you lose these two things.

Know how to deal with clients

Clients have different personalities. If you have no experience in dealing with clients in your office setting, freelancing may require you to do so. Just like working offline, dealing with clients should be direct but courteous. Let them know your capabilities and value as a freelancer. If they do acknowledge your value, you will see yourself fairly paid and treated as a professional. Negotiating with your clients is also one of the things that you should know as a WAHM.

Keep families and friends close

Working online can sometimes eat all of your time. Set priorities. You initially wanted to be able to work online to spend more time with the family. If you see yourself neglecting your kids and partners while trying to build a career online, it’s time to get back to your original priorities. Family will always be and should be your priority. Get hired help if things on your online work begin to be harder to handle.

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