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Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year Home Decorating and Cleaning Tips for the Work-At-Home Mom

Mommies are the ones who are totally busy during this Christmas and New Year season. They are the ones who decorate, cook, and even attend to guests for the yuletide season. Mommies like me play a big role in the success of the Christmas and New Year dinner. After the party, Mom’s like me are also the one who’s in charge or bringing back the home into order; which includes a lot of rubbing and scrubbing and a few back aches at tow.

As 2016 comes, mothers are also the ones who accommodate different ideas on how the home should look like in the New Year and how everything should be organized and clean or a more prosperous year ahead. So I have already prepared myself and embraced the idea that I’ll be the one whose responsible in starting the year right, for our home as well as my family.

Here are some tips for the work-at-home moms to fully elevate their home decorations and clean their area more effectively:

Get your place ready for entertaining

Make your hope always guest-ready. Add some plants to have the room more lively and natural. Plants are said to bring energy and help clean the air at home. Store items that may interfere with the movement of guests around your home while at the party.


When cleaning, you must disinfect all furniture and fixture to provide an entirely clean environment for your family members and guests. Disinfecting kills germs and even those that are not seen by the native eye. There are handy and safe home sprays available in the market that helps in disinfecting germs that comes in a nice scent for your home.

Make Doors Shine

The door is one of the highlights of your home for it is the first thing visitors might see upon entering your home. Make sure that the doors are clean and if need be fully varnished to give it a more attractive look for your guests. You can even re-pain it with an interesting color to make it a highlight or focal point in the facade of your home. You can check plantation shutters as well and paint them anew for a festive look outdoors.

Remove unnecessary clutter

Declutter this 2016. In order to achieve a neat and widen place this New Year, you must remove all the clutter and stuff that you know are not needed. If possible, make your place as cozy as possible and keep things at a minimal amount. Store items in see-through plastic bins instead of boxes to be able to easy locate the things that you might need in the future.

Follow all washing instructions

In order to maintain the goodness of the materials you are using at home, learn to follow washing instructions so it will stay good and in ‘brand new’ quality. These include pillow cases, curtains, table runners and other fabric accessories that you use at home. Have your carpets cleaned as well.


Vacuum all necessary materials so all dusts are removed and cleaned up. Check under the beds and furniture and make sure that you’ll be paying attention to hard to each areas in your home. Dedicate a day or two in the weekend to vacuum your place so that you can get extra help when you need to lift and movie objects to clean all areas in your house.

Welcome the New Year with a bang and with a dazzling and clean home with these nifty cleaning ideas and tips for your homes.

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