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Monday, December 28, 2015

Staying Connected on the Go

Travelling is one of the things I look forward to doing when my kids are old enough. I may not be tied up with the regular 9-5 job but I happen to have a full-time online that deprives me from being away too much. I may not be an avid traveler, but being able to go to places from time to time is a treat that I would love to take advantage of.

However, it is quite hard to travel with kids and with a big laptop. Even if we have portable iiNet mobile plans to tag along, a stable internet connection is not always guaranteed in the places that we go to. Nonetheless, we can still do our online jobs even on the go thanks to technology, Wi-Fi and other online software that makes communicating and checking on our businesses easier.

Thanks to technology and Smartphones, you can still enjoy a trip or two to the mall or the grocery store without having to worry about leaving your job behind. With the tremendous rise of global entrepreneurs and freelancers around the globe, technology found a way to help us deal with our business even on the go.

Here are some of my favorite tools that help me a lot with my job even while stationed in front of my computer or while on the go.


 Skype is one of the primary tools that I use to communicate with my colleagues and clients. It can be installed on your PC as well as your Smartphone. You can send short messages, call, communicate via video chat and send attachments in both platforms. You can even use Skype Credits to make international or domestic calls. You can even share your screen using your PC which is great for tutorials. Skype has been around for so long making it one of the most preferred communication tools online.


Send and share important files with your clients and colleagues via Dropbox. You can regularly upload your flies online in case your computer breakdowns or if you may need to access a file from a different computer. Reports can also be easily updates through a single location, making it easy for teams to update their files accordingly.

Google Drive

Having a Google Account allows you to use the Google Drive for free. IT is just like the Drop Box. You can upload word documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDF’s. Dropbox and Google Drive have storage limits. Thus having both allows you extra storage space in case you have already consumed the free allocated space from one account.

Google Hangouts

This is just like Skype but is connected with your Google Email. You can exchange messages or call on video using the toolbars at the lower left part of your Gmail inbox. This is perfect most especially if you are having a hard time getting a strong connection via Skype.

Never miss an e-mail or an important call even when you are away with these tools available both on your PC and on your mobile devices.

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