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Thursday, December 24, 2015

What You Should Know About Blinds and Window Coverings

Photo Credit: Blinds Online via Pinterest

Window blinds and coverings are not just there to provide style or simply cover. Window blinds and coverings have their own role inside our homes, a factor that we should all consider when getting a new one for our windows. This functions, when done efficiently helps home owners save money, time and energy inside our abode.

First, you must figure out what you care about your place before purchasing a window blind or window covering. Try to consider if it will control light, increase insulation, make visual impact, match your window shape, and of course, if it is within a reasonable cost that works for your budget.

When choosing window blinds and coverings, here are some other things to consider:

Photo Credit: Blinds Online via Pinterest

Varies Per Window Type

Window blinds and coverings vary per window type. Certain windows have specialized shapes and thus when buying these coverings that must be considered first. French windows may require coverings different from the usual rectangular ones. Check out different window covering styles adapted for different window types before getting one for your homes.

Black out Blinds

Black out blinds work well when you are in need to focus on privacy and also to protect your area from the scorching ray of light that is passing through. Black out blinds work best for these needs. When light that enters your home is filtered, you are assured that the colors of your furniture and interior walls will last longer and will not suffer damage brought by being exposed too much to the sun.

Horizontal Blinds

If you are not decided yet or you do not have much of a strong preference about your window covering, horizontal blinds are the trend to get into. This is one of the traditional window blinds that have been used ever since then. Easy to use and to install, horizontal blinds also comes in different colors and materials used.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are convenient to use and usually comes with various colors and design patterns. It can be flexible and work well with different window types and sizes. Moreover, it can be a DIY project for your home office like the ones that I have in mine to save more and practice your creativity.

Solar Shades

Solar shades are like black out blinds that protect you from the penetrating heat, but this is just lighter. Solar shades provide a lighter protection from the sun and offer a stylish look for the home as well. With special light and heat insulating properties, some solar shades may cost a little bit higher than the usual blinds available in the market.


If you want your home to bright and lively, you might want to consider having skylight blinds. It is usually used in attics and rooms that has lower ceiling than the usual.

Knowing which window covering will help make your windows at home more efficient and aesthetically appealing will help in creating a better, brighter and more relaxing home for you and your family.

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