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Monday, January 25, 2016

Juggling Your Time as an Online Freelancer and a Modern Mom

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In this modern time, moms also have a lot of work to do. Unlike in the past, mothers are not locked with the constraints of taking care of their family, children, husband and home. Besides being a mother, wife and a mom, the modern woman is also a career oriented individual who has dreams and passions too.

Working moms nowadays are not just limited to career opportunities available in the field. The modern mom is now capable of making a career at home, often times online as a freelancer. Thanks to the technology-oriented world we have at present, moms can now work from the comfort of their home and directly online. There are various companies that accept and prefer freelancers who can work from home nowadays opening a lot of opportunities for moms who would like to stay at home taking care of the family while helping in generating income for the household. Taking this opportunity give so many chances to mothers to explore their expertise and passions while taking good care of their family.

Unfortunately, there will be times that juggling time between work and the household chores would become challenging and difficult to handle. This is just a few of the threats that may make a WAHM’s life difficult and stressful. However, there are many tips and activities you may consider that will help you manage your time wisely:

Set Boundaries
Setting boundaries is necessary especially if you are working at home and taking care of your kids at the same time. You must know when exactly you will answer to each of them or both of them to create consistency both to your careers as a mother and a professional.

Practice balance
There should always be time for everything. Take time off to spend time with the kids. Insert exercise in your daily activities and use your time wisely to be able to attend to all your daily activities. Rest if you need to do so. Work life balance should always be practiced whether working at home or in an office setting.

Multi-task Wisely
There must be a lot of work to do, deadlines to meet, TV programs to watch with your kids, kids’ activities that you need to prioritize – all at the same time. It might be exhausting but if you seek to explore on the chances of working on what’s urgent or setting up your priorities about work for a particular day, it will be much easier. Foxtel packages from CompareBroadband Australia can help you in getting the best internet service while multi-tasking online.

Organize things and even make your mornings a lot easier. If possible, prepare everything in the evening so you can get going easily in the morning and be more productive as you start your work as a freelancer and as a hands-on mother.

Put Everything in Your Calendar

Sometimes with the huge amount of things you need to accomplish, you might tend to forget – even the most important occasions in life. It is wise to put everything in your calendar and if you prefer, alarm it so you won’t forget a thing you need to do. A handy notebook where you can check activities and jot down important details can also be helpful to keep up with your schedules and daily activities.

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