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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Online Threats to Kids Today

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In the era of internet and social media, everyone is exposed to the usage of the internet. Even our small children are exposed to these. My kids for example are already starting to be exposed with the internet as well. My toddler loves to watch nursery rhyme videos in YouTube. My youngest, who is barely two years old, would want to join my eldest as well but I would just not allow him to just yet. Both the young and the older kids are spending time, an ample amount of time online, something parents should be aware of.

This online tool, the internet, is being used daily and should be closely monitored especially when being used by teens and children. Kids nowadays are more exposed to the use of social media and the internet as a whole. They use the connection for school works, games, interacting with friends, and other online applications that are fun and entertaining

Just like superheroes with superpowers, the internet also comes with responsibilities too. Not being able to practice this online, especially with kids can lead to problems that may prove to be detrimental to the well-being of individuals. Here are some of the online threats that kids may be exposed to, if not guided properly, in using the internet.


As children interact with their friends online and become friends with strangers that they meet through the use of social media, they become exposed to the possibilities of being cyberbullied. Cyberbullying can cause a lot of pain and challenges for the person being bullied especially with kids and teens. Peer pressure and trying to keep up with the popular kids can open them to the possibilities of being bashed, ridiculed and made fun of, online. Be sure that you are just within an arm’s length away when your kids are checking their social media accounts. Build a close and open relationship with your kids so that they can easily open up in the event that they may experience bullying online or even offline.

Sharing Personal Information

Everything is accessible, including the personal information kids share. It is very dangerous to share this information to everyone online due to cases of robbery, killings, and a lot more. The information might be used in the family’s expense. Always make your children aware that sharing passwords, email addresses and pin codes should not be disclosed to anyone online and offline. Divulging addresses or other vital information that may give away yours and your children’s personal security online should be discussed properly with your children.

Inappropriate Applications

Many online applications, website and downloadable videos may not be appropriate for teens and children. This might cause a threat to them by exposing them to ideas and details that should not be within their reach with the young age and sense of maturity that they currently have. Furthermore, some of the content or its usage might not be understandable by kids on their age. iPrimus internet access can be set on child-safe mode to be able to prevent your kids from entering websites that is beyond their mind’s comprehension.

Sexual Predators

Children and teens exposed to several social media sites that requires and are used for interaction with other people is a bit dangerous as well. There are a lot of sexual predators that might use children’s innocence to get what they want and abuse them online and not just in sexual manner. Be sure that you are aware of the things that your children do and see online to prevent them from being exposed to threats and risks like these.

Proper guidance is very necessary to keep children away from the risks and threats that is present online. Even with teens and young adults that are still living within your guidance, being too complacent when using the internet and other social media platforms can be harmful not only for your children but as well as your homes.

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