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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Home Improvement Tips for Your Windows

Photo Credit: One Good Thing by Jillee via Pinterest

Home improvements are most likely to really bloom this first quarter of the year. As the New Year has been welcomed, various home decorations, trends, and other improvements are in consideration not just by professionals but also for mothers, young professionals, and businesses as well.
I for one is looking forward for a more spacious and functional experience in our home. I want to increase my working space and place an area where I can tutor my kids while checking on my emails and doing my work online. I would also want to add an extra space on the back of my house where we can cook barbeque for the weekend or set-up an inflatable pool where we can have fun and entertainment, even without having to leave home.
Generally, I would also want to improve the look of my windows. It has been a while since I bought a new curtain or repainted the steel bars on my window area. It’s a great way to start the New Year by taking care of this task.
However, windows might vary – it always depends on the design and how it has been installed and the area at home where it has been more considered. The usual areas where windows are located is at the living room, bedrooms, master’s bedroom and home offices. I also have windows on my kitchen and laundry area. The amount of work to update the look of these areas may be considerably significant, but I know that the change will bring nothing less but an improved version of our home.
Here are some of the steps that I am about to apply as I improve the look of my windows at home.
Clean it

Nothing is ever good unless it is clean. Sometimes, you do not need a drastic change or an expensive renovation around your windows and home in general – you just have to clean it. Dust off the dirt and wipe away all the debris it might have acquired over time. This will give the window the ‘brand new’ effect. It may be necessary to ask help from the rest of the household to be able to complete this task faster. Good old soap and water and a soft scrub would do the trick to remove those deep seated dirt in your windows.
Paint or varnish it

After cleaning your windows, you might actually witness a great deal of improvement. Some parts might have outgrown their colors over a long period of time, so take the opportunity to re-paint it or varnish it. Try to experiment and work on different colors that go on the current trend to improve a lot more about your windows. When dealing with paint on metal, you might want to sand it first before re-applying paint.
Installing pelmets

Different pelmet designs are being featured in the market and I cannot deny the fact that I am really looking forward in seeing a few of these at home. It will definitely bring a different kind of feel indoors and would greatly improve the aesthetic appeal in our home.
Decorate with simplicity in mind

Putting decorations can give something new to your windows and create a new good feel for the home in general. But other than that, make sure that you do not overdo it. Keep it to a minimum and make that all decorations can match your working themes. I am thinking of placing little bells on top of my window sill to enjoy an enchanting sound whenever air enters our home.

Windows are actually the hardest part when it comes to decorating our homes. As soon as you finish revamping the look and style of your windows, you will be surprised on how much change, aesthetically and functionality speaking this has brought to your homes.

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