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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Working Online is not A Privilege, It is Purely Hard Work

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Working online is one of the privileges I got to enjoy after years of trying to figure out how it works and diligently improving my craft (writing) to be able to satisfy the needs of my clients and to be able to seize more opportunities online. Being able to work online is a by product of all my hard work.

Here are some of the things that I had to improve on or at to be able to enjoy what I have right now in my online career.

Writing Skills

I may be an Engineer by profession by I really love writing. But in the online freelancing, love of your craft is not the only thing that will keep you going, it’s your skill and your willingness to develop and improve that skill to keep up with what’s needed when it comes to content writing online. You do not get the privilege to write about what you are good at or write about a niche you are comfortable with at all times, thus being able to adapt is necessary.

Communication Skills

I may be a writer online but does that not mean that I do not communicate with other people as well. Working online means that you need to talk with clients or at least be available on Skype for voice chat for interviews, a few tasks, reporting and updates. Being confident speaking with foreigners in an international language online can be developed and improved if you constantly interact with your clients though voice calls and other forms of communication.

Digital Skills

Having the talent is not enough to enjoy a lucrative career online. You need to keep up with the latest trends and updates in the digital marketing world. The trends online changes from time to time, thus you need to be able to adapt to this changes every time they become present.

If there is one area that I would also want to improve at, it would be my internet connection speed. I remember the time when rumors of Telstra cable entering the Philippine market surfaced. I really told myself that I would be getting one even if it meant that I had to pay extra. However options for Telstra cable seems to be an impossible dream for now since no further news on whether they are entering the Philippine market were released.

Working online really requires a reliable internet access. Imagine being in a very important meeting and then being disconnected when your potential client is speaking. Imagine having to ask them to repeat what they had said because you were disconnected. Hitting and beating deadlines would be possible only if you can rely with your internet service. Hopefully, the internet providers here in my country would improve in the very near future.

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