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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

4 Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Blog

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Blogging is a fun activity and hobby, but it is not the same in all cases. There comes a time in your life and writing career when you feel that you think it is time to quit. This is normal and you are not the only one who have experienced this once or several times throughout their writing career.

I have created several blogs in the past and I must admit that I have failed in building those blogs as well. At first it was really exciting to add one post and another and see readers coming to your blog. But then “things” happen inside and outside your writing world that makes you pause in doing what you are used to doing or at times, would lead you to stop blogging completely.

Whether it is your iPrimus wireless internet, your job, your growing child or household chores that’s keeping you away from blogging, there are signs to consider and to comprehend before finally quitting in blogging. Here are the questions you should ask yourself before actually quitting your blog.

Do you really have no time writing?

Time is often the culprit for quitting blogging. How long does it usually takes to write a blog? How often do you write a blog? Access your daily activities and take not of the things that you do on a daily basis. If you see that most of your time is really spent on other productive things, it might be time to quit blogging after all. However, if you see yourself sleeping for three hours on a daily basis, you might actually have time to blog after all.

Have you changed your priorities?

Do you have a new work that is getting most of your time? Do you see yourself juggling several errands as a mother or an online professional? If you have a new job that requires you to be focused on that job for a long period of time, your blog might actually really suffer. Are your children in need of your attention as well? If you need to prioritize your personal life over writing, you can always drop blogging anytime. You can easily go back writing again if you are done dealing with your other priorities in life.

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Will this affect your income?

Is blogging your main source of income? If so, quitting might not be a resolve for you to choose most especially if you do not have a replacement source of income at hand. If you have a new job or is blogging is just a hobby of yours, quitting is very easy to do. However, if you get most of your financial resources via blogging, stopping might not a wise option to take.

Will your self-fulfillment be at risk?

Most people write because they achieve a sense of fulfillment when they do so. Earning from blogging is considered by most as a bonus since they are actually writing out of their passion for writing or the things that they write about. If you feel that your self-fulfillment as a writer or an individual will not be affected when you decide to stop writing, then it may really be time for you to stop.

There is more to life than blogging just like there is more to life than hiking or running or any other activities that you may think of. If you find yourself lost and ready to give up on writing, stop if you must and deal with the things that you have to deal with at present. You can always go back writing in time when every aspect of your life that affects your time and passion in writing is aligned and in their right perspective.

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