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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

5 Ways to Boost Your Wifi at Home

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Being able to access Wifi in your home can be a privilege for you and your family. One is able to access the web or any app that requires an internet connection anywhere in your home. But without taking the proper precautionary measures one can also experience a dragging or snail-paced connection.

There are 5 ways to boost your Wifi at home without having to go through all the technical and lengthy stuff.

Tip #1.

Strategically place your router in an open space at centre of your home and on an elevated spot like a shelf or a table. The fewer the obstruction like corners and the walls around the router the better the signal strength. At the same time wherever you are in your house there is a lesser chance to experience any dead spots. It probably goes without saying that investing on a top of the line dual band router is highly recommended. Make sure that the antennas are upright and are not loosely positioned. If your house is really big adding signal boosters or additional routers in well-placed areas is recommended.

Tip #2.

Place a strong password for your router. A combination of upper and lower case letters with numbers are difficult to guess. This is the most common mistake of homeowners with wifi internet. They are often unaware that the weak or congested signals are caused by free riders who were able to guess your weak password.

Tip #3.

Changing the channel. Oftentimes your neighbors may be using the same Wifi channel you are in. Switching the channel can speed up your connection. You need to double check though if the channel is appropriate for you router model.

Tip #4.

Isolate Your Router from the rest of your appliances or electronic devices. Microwaves, AC power cords, TV’s and your telephone are just one of the few things in your home that interferes with your Wifi signal, weakening it drastically.

Tip #5.

Reboot your Router as often as possible. This can be done manually or it automatically. Having it rebooted at least once a week will significantly speed up your connection.

If your Wifi connection hasn’t made any significant improvement, another simple trick is to try updating the modem or router for the latest software updates.

There are a lot more ways to boost your Wifi signal at home but the above mentioned tips are the most common yet most effective way to avoid any weak signals.

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