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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Clean Your House Faster with These Tips

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Cleaning the house requires time, but unfortunately, time is something that not too many people can afford. If you believe you are too busy to spend enough time to keep your home tidy, learning a few tricks on how to speed clean may be able to help you solve your dilemma.

Don’t Major on the Minors

You may not be aware of it, but you might be wasting time doing minor stuff when cleaning the house, which is why you end up finishing very little. One of the areas you might be wasting time in is preparation. To lug less and around, save time, and get started with your tasks immediately, reduce the number of cleaning tools you are going to use. Sometimes, all you need is a broom and a mop. Start with those two and decide later on whether you need more cleaning items. Of course, this will depend on the level of untidiness and your cleaning goal for the day, but the key is to get started.

Set Your Priorities

Just like in everything else, it’s important to set your priorities when it comes to cleaning the house. Many times, we tend to lean towards cleaning the less-challenging areas of the house, leaving us tired before we even get started with the more challenging ones. What’s worse is that this can go on to be a cycle, and the larger tasks simply get bigger because they are always worked on last or ignored. To get more things done, start with the larger tasks, working your way down to the smaller ones. You’ll feel more productive at the end of the day if you do this.

Use Tools to Help You With the Job

Invest in a good pair of shears for your garden, a sturdy vacuum or even robot vacuums to help you do the job. Using household tools and appliances that can help you finish the job faster and more efficiently will give you more time to do other chores or to enjoy time with the family.

Create Realistic Goals

Setting unrealistic goals is one of the things that are causing you to waste so much time when cleaning the house. If you want to finish more in a short period, your goals should be realistic. For instance, if you wish to finish a number of the task within a couple of hours, make a list of cleaning items that you know you will be able to check off before the two hours have ended.


Focus is no doubt the key to productivity. When cleaning your home, do your best to stick to your tasks at hand and avoid doing anything else. At the same time, avoid multitasking. Unless you belong to the 2% who can multitask successfully, try to stick to one task at a time.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is where you spend most of your time, so routine cleaning is essential in this part of the house. To speed clean the bedroom, consider this task as something like choosing window blinds, one should really pay attention to the details.

•         Make the bed first.
•         Collect clothing items hanging around/
•         Dust furniture.
•         Collect and throw trash.
•         Sweep or vacuum the floors.

The Family Room

The family room is one of the most used space in the house. Speed cleaning tips for this area include:
•         Dusting furniture.
•         Cleaning surfaces.
•         Stacking and rearranging magazines and newspapers.
•         Sweeping/vacuuming the floors.

The Kitchen

Being a high-traffic area, the kitchen needs regular cleaning. Always clean as you go and don’t forget these speed cleaning tips:
•         Start by wiping down the stove, oven, and microwave.
•         Position chairs and stools at one corner when cleaning.
•         Spray and wipe down surfaces.
•         Scrub kitchen sink.
•         Empty the trash bin.
•         Shake off floor mats.
•         Sweep and mop the floors.

The Bathroom

Not a lot of people like cleaning the bathroom. The key to keeping this area of the house clean, however, is through proper bathroom etiquette. That includes:
•         Regularly wiping down the area around the toilet.
•         Lifting the toilet lid when necessary.
•         Properly flushing the toilet after use.
•         Keeping a trash bin inside the room.
•         Wiping the wall tiles dry after every bath.
•         Hanging towels for guests to use.

By following these tips, you’ll be more productive and be able to untidy your home a lot faster. You can also use this as a guide when assigning tasks to the rest of the household.


  1. That was an amazing article to wash your window blinds and glasses as they are the most ignored part of the house. I even noted down some of the important tips to implement further in my own office and house. Thanks

  2. Thanks for stopping by Gulshan. Window blinds are really the most commonly neglected areas when cleaning the house. If not paid attention too, you'll be surprised with how dirty they can get.


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