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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Internet Hacks Everyone Should Know

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The internet offers a great deal to the world since its creation. Google Chrome for once has quickly risen to be one of the most popular web browsers in the world, Firefox and Internet Explorer coming next. But that does not end there. The internet can make things better and offer even more exciting and rewarding features to its users.

Extensions and programs that makes doing online tasks faster and some even more entertaining has been developed to further amplify the positive effects the internet has to offer. The great thing that comes with it is that you do not need to put the extra work, since developers really put effort in making things easier for you. Home phone and internet packages can get even better with these perks and features.

Here are some to name a few.

Free cash through coupons from Honey

Honey is an application that automatically searchers for coupon codes and sales whenever you are checking a specific website online. When browsing, simply click the Honey button and it will automatically scour the internet and apply coupon codes on your shopping cart. It’s free money just waiting to be found in the web.

Hide all your tabs in a flash with Panic Button

A hilarious extension that can prove to be helpful during those lazy days on the office that lets you hide all your tabs with a click of a button is Panic Button. You need not quit Chrome altogether to keep anyone from seeing what you are looking at. Simply hit the Panic Button and your tabs are hidden.

Google Mail Checker

I try to keep the number of tabs open in my window limited when working to avoid distractions. I usually keep my daily schedule spreadsheet open and would look on my email as needed. Thanks to Google Mail Checker, I won’t be able to miss important emails while focusing on my work with this extension. It simply shows a pop up at the bottom right of the screen indicating details about the most recent email that you have received. You can either go on with your work or check the email, depending on the urgency and importance of the email.

Adblock Plus

Ad blocking is also a popular ad blocking extension for chrome. It really annoys me to endure pop-up banner ads when browsing online. It can really be liberating to get rid of all these ads all at once. The good thing about it is that it comes with a “white list” wherein you can add websites that do not have intruding advertisements for you.

Remote Desktop for Chrome

Collaborating or grabbing a file that you left at work can be done easily from your computer or the one you have at work with Chrome’s Remote Desktop. It’s like having two computers in different places with easy access in whenever side you are.

Having these few extensions in your PC will definitely make the overall internet user experience faster and hassle free for you.

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