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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Unfriending The Internet: Saying Goodbye to Your Social Media Accounts

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Social media has become a very vital aspect of our lives nowadays. We connect with friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even with strangers to your social media accounts. Social media platforms also play a big role in advertising, the press and media, marketing, causes and communities. Social media can reach to far flung places and create differences, making it one of the top influencers of today.

However, some people would want to go away from what the social media offers. Some people, however few they may seem to be, get tired of their social media accounts and would want to break free of all the things the comes and goes with it. This is when saying goodbye to your social media accounts comes in.

Who would want to get away with social media? Businesses that has gone awry with social media accounts that needs to be closed down, dormant accounts, accounts that you made back when you were too young to understand the implications and powers of what social media can do and people who just had enough of it.

So how do you say goodbye to your social media accounts? It is not as easy as saying goodbye or comparing broadband plans Australia. One can still go back, or completely delete their social media accounts.


Facebook may be a great place to be in, but can be a bad place for many as well. Cyber bullying, stalking, identity theft and trolls are just some of the bad things you would want to get away from with Facebook. You can deactivate your account of completely delete it in your account settings to free yourself of any troubles that Facebook might have caused you. Go to your Account Settings – Security and Click on Deactivate Account to temporarily turn off your Facebook account. Deleting your account on the other hand entitles you to a 14-day no log-in period. If you do not log-in for 14 days, all your information, including pictures and videos will be lost.


Twitter is another popular social media platform that you might wish to get rid of after unexpected and troubling experience from other users. It would be better to change your email address first or your username before deleting your account so that you can always create a new one with the original email address and Twitter account name just in case you decide to go back. The Setting section has a “Deactivate My Account” button. It takes as much as 30 days before a deactivated profile can be cleared from Twitter’s internal system. You won’t be able to create a new account with the same email address and username during this 30 day period as well.


LinkedIn is very straightforward when it comes to closing accounts. On the Settings button at the upper right hand area of your dashboard, you just have to click Account and then “Close your account” to close the account. You’ll need to specify a reason for doing so. It takes 24 hours to close accounts and even longer if you have a large network.

Now you can finally escape the pull of social media sites and do something else even more creative, hopefully, this time around, in the real world.

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