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Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Glimpse in My Life After A Year of Working Online

It has been more than a year since I started working full time online. I got to give it to my husband for being able to do this. If he didn't land in a job overseas, I guess I might still be stuck in the four corners of my office job. 

It was a great year for me working online. Adjusting was difficult, but the financial rewards is worth every stressful day at work and at home. At first, the freedom of being able to wake up as soon as your kids wake up was considered as the best perk I had with my new chosen lifestyle and career. But as the months passed, I got to see the really significant things that being a stay-at-home freelancer can offer. 

I get to see my youngest son as he took his first steps.

I was there when my youngest learn to say "Mommy"

My eldest son is so fond at me he would even invade my privacy inside the john.

The best part of it is that I enjoy tiny hugs and sweet kisses every night. I hear my kids call my name when they dream at night. And when they start to cry due to a bad dream, I was always there to give them a tap or a kiss on the cheek to make everything feel alright.

These are considered as the rewards and perks I get as a working mom at home.

Career wise, I have learned a lot of new things since I started. My educational background is way different than the things I do right now but it did not became a hindrance for me to fulfill my goals. I have always wanted to work online and stay at home with the kids. I make sure that I do my work early, finish as soon as I can without compromising the quality of my work and then later on take time to learn more about my craft and the path that I chose to take - working online.

Although I still miss the presence of colleagues, the lunch outs and being able to enjoy take-out especially during pay day. Now, the only different is that I spend those lunch dates with my kids, something I wished I could do frequently back when I still work in the office.

Another great thing about being able to be a working stay-at-home mother is that I am always available whenever my husband is free to give us a video call online. He works in a cruise ship in Europe so luckily, he often has Wi-Fi internet access on a daily basis. If I was still working in an office setting, it would be difficult for me to attend to his calls all the time. It's quite hard to keep a relationship strong and intact if you miss a lot about the things happening with your partner in life. My kids would have difficulties in bonding with their father as well If I wasn't around to attend to his calls. 

Call it a cliche' but I guess it was meant for me to be able to land in a full-time job online in this time of my life. I could not be thankful enough for being where I am right now.

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  1. It's really in doing what you love that you don't feel that you're working at all. I'm an engineering student but I have always been passionate about writing.


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