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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Are You Optimizing Facebook to Market Your Products?

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Facebook is indeed a great marketing tool as a lot of people are using the social networking site not just to update their profiles, but to get them updated with the latest news and trends. No wonder a lot of business owners are using Facebook for their products or services. However, not everyone is aware on how they can maximize its full potential to bring more profits to their businesses.

Creating a Facebook Page is essential for your business. Building a community and creating a following will help in reaching out to potential customers, old and new through social media platforms. We all know that among all the social media platforms, Facebook is indeed one of the most popular.
We shall give you some quick tips on how optimize your way on marketing your products and services on Facebook.

Use your Personal Facebook Profile
If you are just starting your business, using your personal Facebook profile can help you in promoting your Business Page. However, don’t overdo it because chances are, your friends will unfollow you and you won’t be able to introduce your business properly. The trick here is to avoid flooding the feeds. Begin by posting articles which are related to your business – although not necessarily about your own services. It could be news or just a simple post from other sources. And once in awhile, post a link to your website and Facebook page. A reliable Optus internet will help you update your Facebook page constantly.

Know what to Put on your Facebook Business Page
Since most of your Facebook Business Page ‘likes’ are your friends, it would be best if you will post a different content from those which you have posted in your personal account. Aside from promoting your business, you can also create polls, make nice and inspirational messages. While this will not directly give you sales, you can build great relationship with your clients. Be sure that the logo and headers that you use for your Facebook page is coherent or exactly the same as your branding in your website and other social media platforms to retain and keep your brand logo consistent in all your web presence.

Monitor the Statistics
It’s also important that you check the movement of your Facebook page. This is your only way of knowing where to exert more effort on. Do you need more ‘likes’? Do you need more engagement? Do you need to respond more? These are some of the questions that can be answered if you regularly check your statistics. Makes sure that the campaigns that you are doing are converting, if they do not convert, it is time to start a new strategy in promoting your company in Facebook.

So there you have it. Just follow these simple steps and you would be getting profits using Facebook marketing.

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