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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Creating a Beach Style Home with Window Blinds

Photo Credit: Beach Bliss Living via Pinterest

Are you someone who’s really fond of the waters and the sands? Do you love the feeling of relaxing on hammocks while sipping your favorite smoothie? Do you want to stay in the beach for a long time? Now, why don’t you take the beach to your homes? Have a beach – themed house and feel relaxed every time you step inside your abode. You don’t have to change your entire furniture. All you have to do is to get window blinds that will change your house’s look. Here are some tips for you.

Outdoor awnings can also be great home additions you can install in your homes to create a nice beach vibe indoors and even outdoors. However, if your budget restricts you from doing so, here are some affordable home improvement ideas you can also adapt at home.

Living Area
Why don’t you give your living area that tropical feel by throwing some light brown woven window shades? And to have that feeling that you are really at the beach, you can decorate some shells and use nautical – inspired ornaments. Go for the light furniture to give you that breezy feeling. Change your pillowcases with blue and white striped ones for that refreshing and ocean-like vibe in your living area.

And for your lovely kitchen, you can use white wooden venetian blinds that will instantly provide you that beach look you are craving for. Use ‘easy on the eyes’ colors like teal, blue or yellow which would remind you of your last beach getaway. A basket or bowl of fruits on your kitchen table would also up the ante of your tropical ambiance.

Make the sand your inspiration. You can opt for brown window blinds as it will give your bathroom that instant beach look. And since it is darker, you can be sure of your privacy. It’s like hitting 2 birds at the same time right? Go put your small beach balls, or have some sand in bottles. A few sea shell stickers installed on your bathroom tiles can also do the work.

Lastly, you can use voile with roller blinds in your bedroom, similar to what you can see from other beach resorts and houses. Get something that is quite lengthy so it can cover your entire window or glass doors.

Luckily, you don’t have to shell out so much if you are planning to give your home a makeover. With these blinds, you can achieve that tropical beach look you’ve dreamed about.

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