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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish Review

Moisturized, supple and good smelling skin is a must, most especially during summer time for women. It feels refreshing to feel good and actually smell good despite the heat of the sun. This is why I am very careful with the products that I use for my skin. Products that help in preventing and repairing sun damage, good smelling and gentle to the skin are considered as top priority products I always include in my beauty regimen.

One of my latest discoveries is The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish. This Body Polish range comes in four other variants including Moringa, Olive, Mango and Cranberry. I prefer the smell of strawberry compared to the rest of all variants available so I chose this one.

Generally, the Strawberry Body Polish comes in a 200ml tube container and ranges from 10$-15$ USD in price. Smelling straight from the container will clearly make you feel rather intimately fond of the Mediterranean strawberry smell of the body polish. You will also see a few of the black beads scattered together with the gel substance by looking at the packaging. 

I immediately used the product the same night after buying in from the mall. The small beads in black that came with the strawberry colored gel was gentle enough yet effectively helped in removing dead skin cells from the body. It was not supposed to be used on the face so I only used in from my neck down to my toes. It was really relaxing to smell the scent of strawberry while lathering my body with the product together with a loofah. I bathed longer than I used to because I really did enjoy the smell of the body polish mixed with my natural scent. 

Rinsing was easy and you will not feel any grease onto the skin. However, you will instantly feel that your skin is smoother than it is usually is and will definitely love the subtle hint of strawberry all over your body.

Another great thing about the body polish is that it helps a lot in exfoliating dead skin without being too harsh to the skin. My skin is really sensitive when it comes to exfoliating so I really stick with safe products for my skin. When it comes to moisturizing the skin, I can say that it really did help a lot. My skin has been dry for quite sometime due to the weather and it is already becoming flaky on really humid days. Using the product once made my skin look and feel healthier.

It was a really humid night during that time but I still smelled like sweet strawberry even after waking up. The next day, I also used the body polish to test how well it will perform even with a few minutes under the sun. Doing my regular chores that day, it was really surprising to still feel luxurious and smell fresh after a whole day of work. I would not have to worry about having to wear everyday perfume with The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish. It may appear to be quite expensive compared to other body scrubs, but with a lasting scent that lasts the whole day, it was worth every penny. 

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