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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What Motivates You to Blog?

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What was once a passion and a hobby has become a marketing platform and a source of income for many – blogging. Blogging has indeed managed to transform itself from an outlet for your ideas and opinions into a place where experts share their thoughts and tips about life, animals, society, lifestyle and everything in between. The changes that technology offered today brought and contributed to the changes that blogging had to endure in the past.

So what are the things that motivate you to blog?

Your expertise and knowledge

Blogging still remains to be a platform where you can share your experiences and hones opinions about products, services or even life as a whole. Some people enjoy the feeling of being able to express themselves in words through literary forms. Knowing that your contributions online area being read and are being followed as guide by your readers is enough reason to continue writing for your blog. A lot of bloggers are actually leaning on for inspiration from fellow bloggers that has been around for quite some time. Knowing that your “words of wisdom” are lending a helping hand to people across the globe will give you satisfaction in blogging.

Monetary benefits

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

A lot of bloggers have managed to create a brand for themselves online. You would be surprised with how much bloggers earn from their blogs through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing and advertisements. What’s good about the monetary benefits that come with blogging is that they are usually passive. You literally make money while you sleep. However, your blog does not instantly monetize itself. It takes time or for some cases, extensive effort before your blog manages to make money on its own.

A niche you are passionate about

Some writers get their motivation from the satisfaction that they get from blogging. Your drive towards your niche, say photography, parenting or your pets are also sufficient motivation that will keep you writing. Getting a job online and creating a stable career is pure hard work, inspiration and motivation. A good resume can also help you go a long way. Check out ORB to build your Resumes Now and enjoy your journey as you take the first step in working online.

Your family and love ones

Personally, my children and family motivates me to continue blogging. I know that my blog is still far from generating monthly income and the traffic that I get from my articles are far from my goals and dreams. However, blogging is an opportunity that I will continue to pursue to get to that goal – creating a passive income. Knowing that someday my efforts in blogging will pay-off and will allow me to enjoy more time with my kids is my motivation. I can skip a day of work to attend a soccer game with them, leave for a week to visit Disneyland and come home with still a complete paycheck by the end of the month. The thought of what I can give to my kids, through my efforts in blogging, keeps me going and encourages me to blog.

How about you? What motivates you to blog?


  1. Certainly my niche that I am passioned about. I blog about beauty lifestyle and fashion. I love to write and make new blog posts. For me it's a hobby and I love to spend time on my hobby.

  2. Interesting! I would say that I also blog because I am passionate about my subject. I love to travel and I love to write about my travels. It helps me reflect on what I've seen and I can share advice with others. Of course, I would love to make money as a writer some day!

  3. I started as continuation of courses but what I love is it is something I created that has turned into so much more. Now after running groups on several social media platforms it has also become community. I do think of it as a business and earn a little from it. I hope to do it full time one day.

  4. What motivates me to blog is the point that I can share my experiences with other people. Also, it's an awesome platform to share my passion for photography as well, and a way to enhance my writing skills. :) Soon though, I do wish that I can share more meaningful articles to my readers, something that is not only dear to me but something that will move them as well.. :3

  5. What motivates me to blog is the fact that I like telling stories and sharing my experiences to others. I would like to help others as well so I blog about my journey with the crafts or hobbies that I do. :)

  6. I guess my biggest motivation is being able to express myself and putting my thoughts into words. The experience is incredibly cathartic. It warms my heart though when people can relate with the stuff that I blog about. Monetary motivation should be a goal, but even after resolving to take my blogging more seriously I still can't bring myself to be concerned with hits and SEO's. So I guess it's really not a priority even if I know it should be. :/

  7. Our motivation to blog is to have a repository of reasonable food and travel information including other stuff that we deem reasonable. Reasonable for us means not cheap and also not expensive. The fact that we help our readers and inspire them to bond more with their loved ones while still achieving the life that they want really motivates us more. Doing blogging together as a couple also strengthens our relationship with each other. It also warms our heart knowing that there are people rooting for us to end up together. Thank you for sharing what motivates you to blog.

    -Me-An Clemente of

  8. I blog to spread positivity and add value to the lives of people with the experience and knowledge I have.

    Here's a related post I did:

  9. I have highs and lows with blogging. There will be months where I would make a dozen posts, and other months where I don't post anything at all! It's been a love-hate affair. But I realize that I blog more when I am unhappy or frustrated. Seems weird, I write very little when I'm happy! I guess misery is some sort of motivation....

  10. Really good points. I agree with you 100%. My family is really my motivator as well. BTW, love the pic! God bless! :)

  11. The thinking of I'm helping my reader to make their travel more organized. To share valuable information. To help other people on how to become a blogger. Are some of my motivation why I do blog. And of course the perks that I'm getting today because of this skill :)

  12. I guess my motivation in blogging is that I want to express what I love, what I feel and what I've learn and share to my dearest readers. xo

  13. What motivates me to blog is to share things I know. People want to learn and solve their specific problem esp. if they are specific. That's where niche comes in.

    Thank you for writing this blog post. Keep writing more. :)


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