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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Blog: The Cheapest Persuasive Tool

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The internet has basically shaped our society overnight. Since its introduction, it has open new doors and endless possibilities for everyone. Through social media and various blogging sites, it has given society a chance to freely express themselves and share their ideas and also enabled them to capture a wider range of audience.

At first, blogs where used simply as a digital diary wherein you can put whatever is in your mind and share your sentiments to a certain issue. It is something that can make the most out of your broadband plansand internet access. But now, blogs are used to market products and persuade people on various ideas. Not only that it is an effective tool, it is also cheap. So why do a lot of people use this as a persuasive tool?

It’s Basically Free!

Who doesn’t like free things, right? To create a blog, all you need is a computer, an internet connection and an ability to write and connect to people through your ideas and experiences. Especially if you are just starting up, it would be nice to be able to reach your target audience without breaking your bank. Also, if you are that young aspiring writer who wanted to make it big but does not have the resources to do it, then making blogs is the way to go.

A lot of online users

There is roughly 3 billion people using the internet to date, and it keeps on growing every day. If you want your idea to materialize, you would need to attract a lot of people and there is no better and cheaper way to do this than making a blog. Once you create your blog and you tickled one person’s interest, this person would share this and would influence others. It would just keep going and going and before you know it, you have gone viral already.

Easy to use

Making Blogs is not as hard as it seems. It may seem intimidating as doubts may cloud your mind. But hey, it is normal for starters. Just think of it as writing to a dear friend, sharing your brilliant ideas, or sentiments maybe. This is what is good about blogging. Because since it is your personal journal, everything goes. You can write whatever you feel without anyone saying that it is wrong. It is all about what you wanted to share and what you wanted the world to know about.

As an increasing number of people are engaging in the internet, more and more are using it to communicate and relate to each other. Jump in and don’t get left behind.

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