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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Your Perfect Menu for this Upcoming Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is just a few months away and the celebration flooded with beer is almost upon us. Whether you are just craving got German cuisine or planning to host the best Oktoberfest party in your neighborhood, authentic and traditional German food should never be excluded in your menu list. Know what’s the best menu for your upcoming party via this post.

Munich’s Oktoberfest party is one of the most celebrated events not only in Germany but around the world. The event is not just a celebration of beer and alcoholic drinks but is also a boiling point where untold number of sausages, pretzels and other German delights are being consumed for the last one and a half decade. If you can’t find time to experience Oktoberfest right at its origin, you can still enjoy your German-American heritage and throw a party right at your backyard.

Even at home, you can still enjoy and celebrate this German tradition and enjoy great food together with beer like hamburgers, frankfurters, potato salad and meat loaf. These rich foods can be nicely brought down with a glass or two of good old cold, crisp beer. Pair your beer with your favorite Oktoberfest brew and enjoy the warm feast and celebration at home while you enjoy watching a movie marathon.

Here are some sumptuous dishes you might consider munching on as you celebrate Oktoberfest at home with your favorite beer.

Grilled Beer Brats

Hot dogs are considered as the American version of the German sausage. Bratwursts are considered as second best. Grilled to perfection paired with a malty Oktoberfest beer and you’ll definitely get the celebration going. You can even enjoy munching on these goodies while enjoying sunbathing in your backyard as you grill and drink beer together with friends.

Black forest cakes

Cakes are also a common staple during celebrations. Soak your cake with brandy longer to improve its flavor and enjoy a combustion of sweetness and bitterness as you party at home with the family.

German Barley Soup

Stay healthy and enjoy a vegetable dish while celebrating with beer with the German barley soup included in your Oktoberfest menu list. This traditional soup is garnished with sausage and can be served for dinner. However, you can choose to drop the sausage for dinner and enjoy the hearty soup instead. You can enjoy the sausage earlier on for lunch as you fill up your tummy with satisfying beer.

Offer a mix of flavor for your palates’ as you enjoy beer with your preferred menu as you celebrate Oktoberfest at the comfort of your couch and flat screen TV at home.

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