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Monday, November 7, 2016

Funds Not Enough for a Hosting? Park Your Blogger to GoDaddy

Setting up a website is quite expensive. Getting your own .com plus hosting may require you to shell out around 100$ for a year using GoDaddy and WordPress as your hosting platform. Some hosting platforms would cost you more. However, for this article, I would be using GoDaddy as my reference where you can get your dream .com website.

As I have mentioned on my earlier post, blogging is an investment. Although hosting your blog on a Blogspot or WordPress can still allow you to monetize it, having your own .com is having your own brand. If you are serious in investing your time and efforts in a blog, might as well start with your own brand and do your thing to make your efforts in building your brand worthwhile. However, with a domain name ready for your blog, you are also required to have hosting or the platform where you will be editing your blog.

Getting a hosting from GoDaddy will allow you to enjoy a domain name for a year or for as long as you get their hosting services. However, a basic hosting service for a year can cost you around $50 (Php.2,300) a year at 50% off or a hundred if GoDaddy has no ongoing promotions. In comparison to getting a domain alone, you will just have to pay around $15 (Php.700.00) for a year.
If you are just starting out and learning the ins and out of blogging, shelling out that amount of money might not be practical. Going full blast without knowing the basics and the things that go around with blogging may cost you more than your budget can handle.

However, you can still get that .com you are eyeing on and have your hosting for free by parking your blogger hosting to GoDaddy.

It’s simple.

Secure a domain name via GoDaddy. Then simply set-up a blogger account and then edit the settings of your blog. Insert the name of your domain name on the box and then click save.

You will initially get this promt

Go to your GoDaddy account, click domains and then manage the DNS of your domain name.

On the records section of your Domain, click the ADD button below
Add a new CNAME

Add another CNAME. You'll get the data from the settings of your blogger account. I have set the time to 1/2 hour instead of the usual 1 hour so that I can immediately see the redirection.
Click save. Now go back to your Blogger Settings Dashboard and click save. You should arrive at something like the image below of the parking/redirection is successful.

Parking your Blogger hosted blog to GoDaddy instead of paying for a hosting is not just for rookie bloggers or bloggers on a budget. It is also perfect for those who are used to with Blogger's platform. WordPress may be a great platform for blogging with all the helpful plugins that comes with the platform but Blogger is perfect for those who are just starting out.

So if you seriously want to have your own domain name but is short on a budget, you might want to consider parking your blog instead.

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  1. Hi Joie, This is what I did to my blog. I am the blogger and owner of I actually made a post about this on how to use your bought domain and utilize blogger as your free hosting platform.

    Thanks for this useful post. :)


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