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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Worlds Apart: A Glimpse on My Life as an OFW’s Wife

Today, I had to go to NAIA terminal 2 to accompany my husband who is returning to his work on UK. This is his third time working as a fitter machinist in a ship that navigates around Europe and Central America. It was easier to hold back the tears right now, but the stinging feeling in my chest remains as hurtful as ever.

Although his contract overseas is only around 8-9 months, not being with him for that long is a burden I have endure, how long is depending on what the future holds for our family.

Why do parents, even children go overseas for work? – because of dreams.
The truth is with hard work and wise financial decisions a family bread winner can give an average life for his or her family without having to go abroad. However, if that family dreams of having their own home, a business maybe, sending their children to the best schools, having a car and being able to provide more for their family, going abroad to earn money is indeed the best option. This is the reason bread winners and head of the families need to SACRIFICE. 

They sacrifice not being able to see their children grow to be able to provide a better future for them. They need to extend working until wee hours to be able to save enough for their dream home, a dream business or to simply save enough, enough to allow them to stay in their home country to be with the people they care about. Working in a cruise ship may seem to be luxurious for many, but the sacrifice of not being with the people you love is not even close to the amount of money he gets working there.

Wives on the other hand ENDURES. They need to endure being the man and the woman of the house. They need to endure that stinging pain inside whenever they see a complete and happy family. They need to endure holding back the tears whenever their children ask where their father is, why he need to go abroad to work. A wife endures the pain of being strong because being sting is the only option that they have.

Children on the other hand ADJUSTS. After spending a month or two bonding with their father or mother, they need to readjust their daily activities once again because mom or dad wouldn’t be around for a year or two. They need to accept the fact that Daddy will not be able to come to Family’s Day at school because he is not around. They need to learn to go on with their lives with just a single parent physically present for them.

This is a glimpse on my life as an OFW’s wife. I need to be strong for my kids, for my husband and for our dreams. I could not imagine having a glimpse on the life of my husband abroad. Some may see him lucky for having a high salary, for being able to see places and be in different countries across the globe. But seeing him enter the departure door and remembering how his embrace was last night, these people have practically no idea what our family need to go through.

Sacrifice, Endure, Adjust. This is what will keep me and my family going for the coming 8 months.

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