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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Breaking Points and Beginnings

The year 2016 has already bid goodbye and we have transitioned to the New Year, 2017 for almost two weeks by now. This is the time of the year were we get to pick-up the pieces, reflect and prepare ourselves to a new chapter that is already in front of us.

Whether 2016 was a great or bad year for us, 2017 is a clean slate we can choose and work on for. As we create new goals and pursue old ones and as we try to stick with our New Year's resolutions, the beginning of the year is also a year for breaking points, a time to really ponder on the things that would let us understand on how we can get back on track and move forward in our lives.

Here's a quick list of the breaking points and new beginnings that we can all choose to let go, hold on to or to work hard for this New Year.

Bad Relationships

This time of the year is a great time for us to ponder and access our relationships. These includes not only our relationships with our loved ones or our families. It is also a time where we can reflect on our careers and seek for opportunities that will make us happier and more fulfilled individuals.

Are you starting to feel dragged waking up in the morning thinking that you'll have to show up for work today? Do you feel stressed and unhappy with how your career is going? Are you literally tired with the things that you usually enjoy doing? Time to check your current relationship with your friends, family, love ones and even your work. From there, you can begin letting go, moving on or going back to the things that really makes you happy.


Is moving out a goal that has been sitting aside for quite sometime on your dream board? Are you having a hard time re-aligning your goals? Do you have a hard time moving forward?

Once and for all, you should start getting rid of the bad habit of procrastination. No matter how small your steps towards your goal maybe, be sure that everyday, you are moving towards your goal. Holding back or putting aside your dreams and goals in life will never bring you closer to achieving them.

Go All in Or All Out

No matter how cliche it may sound to be, giving your all will bring you to the places you dream of. If you are not willing to go all in in terms of effort and hard work for your goals, you might want to consider spending your energy with something else worth fighting for.

Bad Vibes

Lingering thoughts about past mistakes, worrying about a future that is not yet here will keep you from experiencing and creating the best year for you. Throw out all the negative things in your life. Let go of negative people. Avoid negative emotions from people around you. Surround yourself with things that keeps you happy and motivated. Try to see the good things even in the most chaotic moments of your life. Great things that happens in your life is worth the memories, worst things that goes in your life makes you stronger.

As we all welcome 2017 and get back on track towards our dreams and passions in life, letting go, moving on and hitting it hard will definitely allow us to reach for the stars.

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