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Friday, January 20, 2017

How I Transitioned from an Employee to a Freelance Online Writer

If you’ll find time to read the short bio that I have at the bottom of this website, you will notice that I am a graduate of Civil Engineering. However, from the very beginning, I already knew that I had the makings or a writer. Hopefully a successful and popular one, but I am happy with the status that I have right now as a freelancer.

But in a society where people are expected to go to school study hard, follow the rules and eventually get a job to make a living, I became a part of the construction world. Being in a world where mostly men dominate was not that hard for me. I knew how to excelled and I made sure that my efforts and hard work will bring me to a position that will make me shine above the rest. However, my love for writing was always there.

During lunch breaks, I would lazily participate in forums talking about life, relationships, finances and almost everything you can think of about existing. It was just a past time for me. From there, I began to meet people like me who enjoys writing and who have managed to land a part time gig or two on different websites across the web. Suddenly, the idea of making money online occurred to me.

It was the beginning of my journey working online. From that same forum website, I have managed to earn around $10 in a month. It was a big thing for me. All I did was share my thoughts with other people during my lunch breaks and I have managed to generate money enough for a week of personal groceries.

From there I have discovered product review websites, financial advice forums, article posting websites, pay-per-click websites and tasks websites that will pay you real money for participating and doing small tasks for their clients. I also met people like me living near me who have managed to land in regular online writing jobs and enjoys the perks of working and making an income at home while writing online. These first-hand experiences made me realize that it is indeed possible to work freelance and to make a living working online.

In a short span of time, I have managed to juggle working at the office while making money thru writing online at the same time.  Although it too me a long time to be able to transition from a regular employee to an online freelancer (7 years!) due to personal events that happened in my life (marriage, child birth, raising a family) I have managed to break free from the corporate world to enjoy a life working online.

What really motivated me to move on to a freelance writing career from a stable, regular earning job is my want to spent time with my kids especially during their growing years. I grew up with my grandparents so I know how it felt not having your parents around every day. I wanted to give my kids the gift of time. My passion for writing is also one of the big reasons why I jumped into the freelancing band wagon.

However, before taking this big risk, I made sure that I won’t go hungry and my kids will still be taken well-cared for when it comes to their material and financial needs. I had savings and I made sure that I already have enough regular clients from whom I’ll be generating my income from. A few months prior to resigning from my office job, I already had a handful of regular clients who can help me keep going even without a regular salary. My husband also happened to land in a very generous paying job. Those were enough cues for me to finally go for my dreams and live the life of a freelance writer.

I also became even more motivated to blog after a few months of tasting the freelance lifestyle. I had control over my life, my time and I get to do the things that I love.  I got the chance to meet more people who are into freelance writing like me. After 2 years of being a freelance writer, I can say that the plunge was all worth it. My children adore me a lot. I see my byline in several online websites and publications. And in a few weeks, I will be launching my first e-book. The journey was indeed an exciting, fun and enlightening one for me. If I can go back to rethink my decision to work full time online, I would never change a thing. This is my career now, this is me having full control of my life. This is me making a living from the things I love doing. This is my freelancer story. I would love to hear yours on the comment section.

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A graduate of Civil Engineering but a writer by heart was the main reason why I figured out that the corporate life was not for me. I enjoyed being at home, far from the competitive atmosphere of a typical 8-hour job. I hated the idea of extending work hours at the office or bringing work at home. I cringe about the idea of having to prioritize work over my family and living. Luckily, i managed to break free from the corporate world after seven grueling years. Although I must say that I have learned a lot both personally and professionally from my office job, I would never see myself turning back after being able to achieve my dream of being at home and working online. As I try to reach my first million while working online I also plan on entering a home-based business in between blogging and taking care of my kids.


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