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Sunday, January 29, 2017

What Motivated Me to Become A Freelance Writer

There are two types of person in this world when it comes to reaching for their dreams. Some are willing to go head-on and compete with others to be able to climb the corporate ladder and end up getting their dream job or in achieving that kind of career that they would want to have in life. These people crave for power and would do anything at all cost to achieve such by competitively going against other people that thinks and has the same passions as they have.

The second type of person on the other hand is the one that goes for his dreams without having to clash with the competition. These types of people are those that are willing to silently build a name for themselves, without being appreciated or recognized instantly for their hard work and their achievements. 

These people are the ones who dared to look at the bigger picture and pitted against themselves to be able to achieve self-fulfillment by making their dreams transcend into real life without having to go through the natural process of corporate climbing.

The first type of person is the one I was a few years back. I was ready to compete head on with the people surrounding me to be able to own a position in the company that I work with. I wanted to be recognized for my achievements and my hard work. I wanted to be rewarded financially for the efforts that I have put into making my company succeed. One of my dreams was having a corner office or a private office of my own where I would sign contracts, deal with clients and bring more glory to the company that I work for.

That was me a couple of years ago, today I am the second type of person. I silently sit all day in front of my computer or our yard while thinking about the next big project that will bring self-fulfillment to me as a writer. I was not interested with the fame anymore. Competing with my fellow writers was just out of my league. All I wanted was to be able to pursue my love for writing, earn a descent income while doing it and publish a book. I may not be able to have get the corner office anymore and my table might end up piled with drafts and unfinished manuscripts of my creations instead of contracts and agreements, but, I am happy. And the glory that I felt when I had my first promotion is just a spark of the magnificence that I felt after seeing my name as the author of a trending article online.

After almost half a decade of climbing the corporate ladder and creating a name in the construction industry, I have decided to take a leap of faith and pursue my love for writing. As I kid, I would often see myself with a notebook and a pen writing down a story I have in mind. It would be a mix of romance, adventure and sometimes out of this world stories that constantly makes me smile whenever I recall those episodes in my life.

However, as we go through school, be introduced with how society “supposedly works” and how we supposedly deal with life, I end up putting that passion aside to get a job, make a living and dream of being rewarded for following the system and being a productive member of the society. Surprisingly, the fire in me, the writer in me was so strong, I ended up giving up my “ideal” corporate stature for an unsure, unstable but exciting life as a freelance writer.

It was scary at first, but as time passed and the experience poured in, I realized that my journey towards my passion is not just me fulfilling a dream. It became me getting my life back, being able to decide where I spend my time with, it was an opportunity for me to become a better person, a better parent while fulfilling my dreams. Little by little I managed to differentiate what’s important and what requires least of my attention. And like icing on a cake, I am happy and fulfilled, not only as a freelance writer but as a person.

So, did the jump to the online freelancing world was worth it. It is and I am making sure that it will continue to stay that way. Challenges will come and you’ll lose motivation every now and then. However, your journey is bound to greater glories, far more than you can imagine as you embrace the world of freelance writing over your dull, demanding and life sucking day job.

Let me share the journey with you and make you realize that it is possible to quit your job and pursue a freelance writing career online. A career that will make you feel rewarded and a career that will bring food on your table. This e-book is a realistic journey from office job to freelance writing. You’ll get the facts straight, the good and the bad and the glory that comes with leaving your job to become a freelance writer.

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