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Sunday, January 15, 2017

What I Have Learned from Being a 30-YearOld Woman

Three decades seems to be already a long period, but with life as life considered, 30 years is quite short and there are still a lot more things in store for us in the coming years. I am already 32 and life for me is still complicated, surprising, challenging but is definitely worth every minute. By this time, most 30-year old individuals like me are already done with school and is somehow settled with a company and a job for quite some time. Some are even luckier because they have already bought their own house, drives a car they bought from their own salary or is busy conquering Europe, Asia or the land down under.

Back when I was still far from being 30, I was always reminded by my mentors and elderly colleagues about starting it early and working hard early to later on reap the rewards of your hard work at a time of your life where you can still enjoy it. To put it simply, nothing is wrong with saving and working really hard to create a stable career for yourself at a young age. Yes, everyone has a whole life ahead of them, however, the kind of life that lies ahead of them is dependent on the things that they did in the past. It is better to do things now, than later because the later that you look forward to may not be as easy as the present that you have right now.

So, what does a 30-year old like me learned so far about life? Here are a few.

Save as early as you can

Although it may sound exciting to spend your hard-earned money on a dream vacation or a gadget that you really want, doing this at the early stage of your career might now be advisable. Unless your born to rich parents and never goes out of moolah, saving, even for those who earn beyond the average would be ideal as early as possible. Save while on your college, save a big part of your salary during the early years of your life in the workforce. If you do so, you’ll have the moolah to fund your trips when you reach 30 without worrying about credit card bills and other financial obligations that usually piles up during this stage in your life.

Fall in love and marry before reaching 30

Most women, unlike before would rather marry after 30 to be able to build a career and to be able to fulfill their dreams and passions before settling down and starting a family. However, most women have a body clock to worry and may experience difficulties if they decided to get pregnant at a later stage in their life.

Marriage is also a choice. You marry someone because you love them and you want to spend the rest of your life with them However, as you age, you might end up marrying someone for the wrong choices. You might end up marrying a guy because he happens to be your boyfriend during a period of your life where you are already pressured to start a family of your own. You might end up marrying the wrong guy for the wrong reasons because of the fear of being alone at the age of 30 and beyond.

Learn how to drive before hitting 30

I failed in this one because I do not know how to drive up until now. I have two kids, we go around a lot but unfortunately, I had to endure commuting with two kids at tow. I can afford to buy a car, but I can’t drive one. My husband is not around since he is working overseas so I’m the one in charge of every chore that requires getting out and using public transportation. I still want to learn how to drive and I intend to do so, but it would have been easier if I have learned the skill earlier. For now, I just treat the commuting, with or without kids as my cardio workout.

You may have a hard time connecting with friends but it does not mean that you already lost them

Everyone around you whose age is same as yours is buy making a life and living a life. At times, you and your friends tend to drift apart to prioritize other aspects of your life. However, this does not mean that you end up losing them. Things will definitely cool down and you’ll be surprised that your starting to spend more time with your friends again. The goods ones are sure to stick around even without talking them for a decade or so.

Being 30 is a turning point in your life. It is a time where you have already let go of the kid in you but nurtures the kid at heart. It is a time where you start nurturing little ones like you. It is a time of your life where you learn the most and become the best version of you before heading to a more exciting episode in your life.

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