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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Why Changing Your Website Template Can Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Driving traffic to your website is not easy. This is what I have learned from having a website for more than a year now. Living Life at 30 was launched in October 2015. Like most of the online content providers out there, I am really looking forward in monetizing my website by hosting advertisements and posting sponsored content. However, to be able to do such, your website needs to have a generous amount of regular traffic – a very significant factor that will determine if your website is profitable in advertising.

Getting noticed on the web is quite hard for a newbie. I have tried creating several blogs in the pasts and almost none of them workout. I never thought of quitting blogging and working online. Luckily and with hard work, it took two months for my website to be archived. And today, I have finally earned my Alexa Rank (12,058,370).

However, things remained slow for my website traffic even after several link building efforts and reaching out to blogging communities and groups. I would get a bit of a spike every now and then but never the regular thousands or hundreds of viewers in a day.

Then, things started to turn around after a drastic move that I did on my website. I took the courage to change my website’s template.

It took me a while to be able to complete setting up the initial template that I had for my website. I am only parking my blogger hosting to the domain that I have bought in Go Daddy to save up on the initial cost of setting up my website. I had to tweak a lot in the CSS of the template to achieve the look that I wanted. I am not a web developer or a programmer so it really took me a while to achieve the look that I want. It was just a few weeks when I finally realized that the look that you want for your website is not necessarily the layout that works for your blog.

Changing your website template can drive more traffic to your website.
The above picture is the initial layout that I had for this website. Below is the one that I have right now. What makes the latter one standout and work in driving more traffic to my website?

It’s simple and Easy to navigate

Your website is not a venue to show your artistic talent, unless yours is a photography or art website. If your leaning to providing content for readers, an easy to navigate, fuzz free and direct to the point layout should be your template of choice.

Image and Text friendly

Sticking to a font that is easy to read helps in making the general appeal of your blog readable. Images on the other hand helps in initiating a second look for your readers while catching their attention in the process. The initial layout of my website lacked the appeal when it comes to displaying the images that I have for the articles that I post – a mistake that I have finally corrected.

Content Oriented vs Bombarding Advertisements

As much as you want to earn passive income through the advertisements that you host on your website, too many widgets filled with advertisements can shadow the real reason behind having a website – providing your readers with information and sharing your knowledge online. Always remember that the earnings are bound to come as long as your content is click worthy, engaging and worth your reader’s time and attention.

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