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Sunday, February 12, 2017

How to Balance Life as a Mom and an Online Freelancer

It has been a while since I wrote a fresh article for this blog. Life for me was really quite busy these past few days, or rather months. I am an online freelancer and I am also a Mom. Since my eldest son started schooling last June 2016, my schedule at work has been a challenge. It was really a struggle to balance my online work, taking care of the kids, building a relationship with my husband, and dealing with school work and school activities together with my eldest. My health was also starting to notice how busy I was so I was tired most of the time and gained a few inches on my waist.

I am blessed to be able to find a stable source of income online. However, my top priorities remain to be my family. I had to give up a few things along the way to ease the burden that a work-at-home mom does every day.

My husband works overseas so I really make time for him, online through Skype Calls and Facebook Messenger. It’s hard being a wife of an OFW. You need to keep your relationship with your better half strong through communication, which is quite easier today compared to how it was decades ago. But the time differences can sometimes be difficult and it can sometimes meddle with your daily activities at home and with your work online.

School work with the kids is another thing. With a child, as young as 4-years-old. One really needs to pay attention and guide a child as he struggles with blending in, meeting friends, learning to read and write and everything in between. I had to give up a full-time online job just to be able to attend to my child’s school needs. I have another child that is about to go to school in a few months as well so I really have to make time and set aside a few things that I do while I work freelance online.

So how does one balance life as a mom and an online freelancer? Here are some tips.

Know your limitations

There may be 24 hours in a day and you may be good at time managing, but there will come a time when you will feel the weight of the responsibilities that you juggle every day. Know your limitations. If your kids are your priority, you need to cut time from work to stay healthy and have more energy to attend to your children and to yourself as well. Try not to be hard on yourself.

Stay motivated

Motivating yourself to blog is easy if you are inspired by the people around you. Yet, since you are doing this for yourself and for the people that inspire you, you need to take a breather every occasionally, sleep, enjoy time with your kids and live life. You might have to give up a few opportunities to be able to attend to your priorities like your family and your health, but always remember that you can always go back to the things that you are passionate about when the time comes. The kids will eventually be able to learn to adapt to school without too much of your attention needed. Setting aside a dream does not mean that you are giving up on it, you just need to put value on the things that you care about the most at present.

Accept your flaws

You can do anything but you can’t be successful in doing so all the time. Believe me, I have tried juggling in between work, my kids, household chores, my husband and my health. But it will eventually drag you down if it consumes so much of your time and your energy. Again, I would drop anything for my family, I can always pick them up later, or if not, at least I am still good at something – being a mother in this case.

Challenges in online freelancing and balancing a life as a mother or as apparent can be difficult. It is just a matter of making the right choices to make life easier and better than what we had.

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