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Friday, February 24, 2017

Break Free by Don Soriano: A Review

Lucky me! I was qualified to receive a free book from Don Soriano, a millionaire thru hard work and a motivator to do greatness. It was really an honor to be someone who can help him spread his advocacy in financial literacy and financial awareness. This is my first time to review a book, so I am really excited and nervous at the same time. Nonetheless, here is my review of Don Soriano’s “Breaking Free: 8 Principles to Get from Employee to Employer in 3 Years or Less.”

The book is a one-hour read but it took me around 2 hours because I always take notes whenever I read self-help and inspirational books. What’s interesting about the book? This blurb from the book cover immediately caught my attention.

“from bankrupt with 500,000 debt to business owner and financially free in less than 3 years.”

I guess that everyone would agree that at some point of their lives, they experience being in debt, or in some cases, being in a bad situation that seems to be impossible to get out from. This book, in its simplest and purest form can make you realize that it is possible to be in a better place, if not now, in the near future, as long as you hold on to your beliefs and strive to get out of the mud pit that you are in right now.

Here are the positive points that created a lasting impression on me after reading the book.

Success is not equivalent to wealth and being happy is not always guaranteed even with a huge amount of money.

Success is being in a chapter of your life wherein you are happy with what you have and what you can offer to others. Having a fat wallet while being in this situation is just a bonus that you get from investing in yourself and aiming to be a better version of you. If you invest in yourself, aim to be better than who you were yesterday, rewards will practically fall into place. Having money does not guarantee that you’ll be happy. Being contented and proud of what you have achieved, through your hard work and skills earned while enjoying your journey to success, makes you happy.

Instant freedom is dangerous

Having access to a huge amount of money can be dangerous if you are not yet prepared to handle this gift. Having the luxury of time, by quitting your job and setting up your own business is not a walk in a park. It is a walk in a park filled with thieves, stray dogs, snakes and monsters. Freedom is achieved through hard work, through challenges conquered and sacrifice. You intend to value this freedom with your life, if you have put your life at stake to be able to achieve it. Instant money and instant freedom can instantly disappear, most especially if you are not prepared for it.

Wrong reasons for quitting your job

If your reasons for leaving your job is to get more money, be able to have control over your time and to have an easy life, you are definitely in the wrong path and would most likely end up regretting this decision, sooner than you expect. In life, those who are willing to work harder than they have ever worked, those willing to work 80 hours or more in a week, those willing to sacrifice their social life, without the guarantees of being financially reciprocated are the ones who succeed. If you do not have the courage and the skills to do so, quitting your job might not be a good idea for now.

Always offer something EXTRA

That EXTRA something can get you further. An extra hour spend with a mentor can help you become the best version of yourself. Extra time spend on studying about the business you intend to invest money and time with can make a difference between failing and succeeding. That extra hours spend in creating a report might help you close that big deal from an offshore client. Your willingness to go that extra mile helps you achieve greatness.

Every peso needs to have a purpose

If you do not attach a purpose for every money that comes in your way, you will end up repeating the same cycle of losing and making bad decisions in your financial and in your life in general. Set aside a percentage of your money for education, investment, savings, personal rewards, charity, and expenses. Sticking to this process motivates you to work harder and smarter to fill-up your Money Jars.

Debt can be bad and good

It’s really pretty simple, bad debts are debts that do not generate knowledge or income for you. Good debts on the other hand allows you to make more money or to be a better version of yourself.

Success is 20% Skill and 80% Psychology

Success is a process, it is a journey. For some people, it may take a year to be in a chapter in their lives wherein people see him as successful, or they see themselves in a happy and fulfilled situation. Others may take 3, 5 or 10 years to achieve such. Every journey is different. Having the will power, motivation and the capability to condition yourself that your sacrifices and efforts at present is indeed a worthwhile experience and adventure keeps you going for the success that is just waiting at the other side of the fence, or for some the other side of a mountain. As for me, what keeps me going are my kids that inspires me to be a better person for them everyday.

Self-awareness is the first step

Being aware of your current situation allows you to create steps on how to get out of it or to improve what’s already good in your life. Some may see acceptance as the first step in self-improvement, however, how can you accept something if you are not aware that such thing exists? Thus, being aware will help you create baby steps on becoming who you want to be.

I suggest that people should take time to read this book. I believe that every reader would have a different take-away from this book – depending on where they are right now in their lives. To know more about Don and his personal experience in “Breaking Free”, you can check out his website or visit his Facebook account for details on how you can purchase this book.

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