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Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Sacrifices that Comes with Online Freelancing

Online freelancing is difficult. Some may see online freelancers as individuals who get their daily dose of social media in their pajamas while watching TV and eating pizza while writing an article for a client. Some days may allow you to enjoy such scenario, but most of the time, online freelancing at home, with your family and kids around is a chaotic schedule freelancers needs to endure every day of their lives, even on weekends.

This is how I describe a typical day in my life as a freelancer. I pick up my phone the moment I wake up, connect to the internet and “report” to my boss. On good days. I get to grab a sandwich and munch my way as I check e-mails, update tasks and check other things that concerns my online work. It would be focus work most of the time, up until my kids wake up. I’ll have to fix the bed, prepare and feed them breakfast, bath them and constantly look at my back while they play around as I get to work with my tasks. Things gets crazy as the day presents itself. I need to fix my kid for school, check assignments, check my other kid, take a bath and juggle on household chores while constantly going back and forth to my PC to work. After school, it’s time to study, do assignments, play with my younger kid and then do other household chores while working. I’ll be able to focus working without my kids to worry about as they sleep which is around 9PM. The rest of my time is dedicated working while doing a few school projects and preparing things the kids my need tomorrow.

On a bad day when the kids are sick, it gets even more disordered. I get to do a few tasks online while the kids sleep but as soon as they wake up, working becomes impossible.

I am not complaining though, but I would just like to make a point that working online is a serious business and is not as easy as you think it is. Being able to go out for coffee, doing your daily jog, taking a nap at the middle of the day is possible, but it comes in the later part of your career or it is possible for freelancers who do not have to worry about household chores, school work and kids.

Here are some of the sacrifices that I have encountered so far as an online freelancer.

You lose clients when your kids are sick.

A few years back, I was really making it big in Fiverr. I was earning around $200 in a week back then for writing product descriptions. Unfortunately, my eldest son got sick with dengue fever so it was impossible for me to work while attending to my child. I would always pic my child over work, but it is a reality that you get to lose opportunities like that to prioritize what’s most important.

You get scammed.

I was never scammed big time while working online, but I do get a few clients that would ask you to do several samples and tasks for you as a paid part of your application but they end up not paying at all. This is a common thing experience by online freelancers so you must be keen in taking customers and clients.

Hired help can sometimes be unreliable.

There was a time when I really had a lot of work to do. To cope with the demand, I hired a few freelancers of my own. If you trust too much or if you fail in cross-checking the skills and credentials of your freelancer, you end up losing clients or you end up doing the job that their supposed to be doing. One time my freelancer failed to submit on time. It was the first job that I have given to her. Her excuse was that she was in the hospital because she lost her unborn child. I assumed it was not true since she managed to submit the job a few hours later claiming that she did it while in the hospital. I am a mother and I would not be able to do work after losing a child like that. Another freelancer submitted plagiarized content. I trusted her so much since she did excellent jobs for me in the past. It was also my fault because I did not check her work, but I lost a long-time client because of her plagiarized submissions.

You tend to miss socializing.

Your time is limited to your work and the needs of your children and your home. If you’re a responsible adult, you’ll gladly sacrifice your social life to be able to attend to all of this. However, this does not mean that I do not miss my friends and going out. I do. I just need to sacrifice now to be able to save and take care of my kids.

You may need to put some things you love on the side

I love reading books but I need to set it aside to spend more time with my kids. I have several opportunities online – opportunities that pays a lot but may require most of my time, but had to turn down because of my responsibilities as a mom. Again, I am not complaining, but this is a reality in online freelancing that you should be aware about.

However, what keeps me motivated in blogging and in working online outweighs the sacrifices. This is the reason why I am still here and managing my time (I guess so?!) while enjoying being a mother to my kids and a wife to my husband.

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