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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Top 10 Out of This World Transformations Courtesy of Plastic Surgery

Changing one’s look, from the color of their hair to getting rid of extra inches around one’s waist and shoulders has been an acceptable practice across the globe to be able to adhere with a society’s standard when it comes to beauty. Plastic surgery was once considered a taboo and was rarely discussed openly or even admitted truthfully by people who undergoes it. Nevertheless, the culture and belief that society practices nowadays have openly welcomed plastic surgery as a practice that is commonly equipped to achieve one’s desires for beauty.
However, some individuals explore the extents of how much their bodies can bend and break through plastic surgery to be able to achieve the epitome of what they perceive as perfect and stunning. 

Some of them sees perfection in the image of dolls, specifically Barbie and Ken, transforming themselves into a real-life version of these “perfect” yet fictional characters.  Although most of them denies going under the knife to achieve this look, the rest of the world thinks differently. These 10 out of this world transformations courtesy of plastic surgery will leave you in awe, confused yet captivated with how far people can do to achieve the perfect image they perceive as beautiful.

Justin Jedlica

Famously known as the Human Ken Doll, New Yorker Justin Jedlica went on several extreme plastic surgery operations to achieve the look that he has today. Jedlica is very vocal about his obsession with plastic surgery and even revealed that he already spent around $170,000 on plastic surgery. With over 149 procedures and 19 full-on surgeries under his belt.

Although he was earlier dubbed as the perfect match for Ukranian Real Life Barbue Valeria Lukyanova, Justin happens to be happily married to his partner July, who is very supportive of his enthusiasm with plastic surgery. He even sees Lukyanova as an arch nemesis due to her mannequin like image.

He claims that his inspiration for the changes that he did with his body was mainly due to Japanese anime, Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers but is flattered by the idea that people see the Ken Doll. "As a kid, you play with Ken dolls and kind of assume that is what a handsome guy is supposed to look like" he quotes.

Andressa Damiani

Although Andressa Damiani claims that her Barbie like features are all natural except for the contact lenses that she often uses and the hair extensions that her costumes requires. One of the latest doll-like woman that is making a buzz on the internet not only for being Barbie like but for being a human version of Disney’s Queen Elsa.
However, even with the attention that she is getting across the globe, Andressa claims that some people are disgusted with her looks and even fears her when they see her walking around in person. Despite being bullied for her looks, she decided to embrace her doll-like appearance and started producing YouTube videos in 2012. With less than a million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Andressa stars in make-up tutorial videos as she transforms herself into Elsa, Manga characters and even a doll-like zombie.
Angelica Kenova

Angelica Kenova is another Human Barbie that rose to fame because of her close rivalry with Ukrainian model and famous Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova. The Russian beauty however is mostly hidden from the limelight due to her overprotective parents that treats her as a living doll daughter.
As a child, she was raised to be a Barbie doll, thanks to her good-looking mother who is reportedly obsessed with all things related to Barbie. It was not a surprised that she brought up her baby girl like a little doll. She even went to the extent of getting a personal trainer for her daughter to make sure that her measurements will turn out like what a human doll was supposed to be like. Apparently, Angelica’s Barbie like features are also being claimed to be all natural and not otherwise.
Anastasiya Shpagina

Another Ukrainian girl that went through several plastic surgeries to look like a human doll goes by the name Anastasiya Shpagina. She confirmed having to undergo surgeries to reduce her waist and doesn’t eat meat to keep up with her slim doll-like feature. However, her popularity is over-shadowed by top Ukrainian Human Barbie model Valeria Lukyanova.
She is a make-up artist, hair stylist and would upload make-up tutorials on her YouTube channels. She is also known to the world as the “living anime girl.” Anastasiya also became very popular due to her extremely dramatic anime-like eye make-up, a far cry from her Barbie looks and physique. Valeria was the one who really got interested with her and even managed to get a picture together with fellow Living Barbie dolls Olga, Maria and Anastasiya.
Rodrigo Alvez

As several women transform themselves into living and breathing Barbie dolls, the number of men altering their looks to look like a Human Ken Doll are also increasing. Thanks to immense plastic surgery and around $250,000, London based Rodrigo Alvez traveled the world to find the best doctors and surgeons to help him achieve the look that he is truly happy about today.
His first experience under the knife was at age 17 where his swelling breast tissues were corrected. From there and with several episodes of bullying as a kid, he because interested with transforming himself into the epitome of beauty defined to men – to look like a Ken Doll. The plastic surgery enthusiast is proud of all his did to change his body and would frequently share his post on Instagram. He even took the time to meet up with another human Ken Doll, Justin Jedlica in Los Angeles.
Celso Santebanes

Another doll and plastic surgery enthusiasts that rose to fame due to his striking resemblance with Mattel’s Ken Doll is Celso Santebanes. The good-looking lass was first discovered in a modeling contest, where he won, back when he was 16. The Brazilian model was a natural charmer. But, just like most of the personalities in this list, he also spent thousands of dollars to transform himself into a living human doll. It was worth it because reports claim that each of his appearance is charged with no less than $16,000. He even launched a line of dolls under the brand name Celso before getting ill.
However, at 21, he discovered that he had cancer while having his hydrogen filler injections were being treated due to an infection. This was a turning point in his life and he expressed how painful the journey was for him during his chemotherapy. He admitted that during that time, his looks did not matter anymore, all he wanted was to fight back and be healthy again.
Lolita Richi

Another human Barbie like story where the pretty girl claims to possess such assets naturally was that of Lolita Richi. The fad of turning oneself into a breathing walking and living dolls does not seem to end with Alina Kovalevskaya and Valeria Lukyanova. Richi claims to live a sugar free lifestyle explaining her 20-inch waist and 32F cup size. Just like Lukyanova and Kovalevskaya, Richi claims that her body never went any type of plastic surgery.
Considered as the youngest among the living Barbie Dolls in the world, Richi believes that she is the fairest of them all. She even claims that she has knowledge about the other two Barbie like celebrities being pit against her.
With a supportive mother at tow, most of Lolita’s pictures are taken by her mother and most of her costumes as well are courtesy of her mother’s costume collection and efforts. She claims that she is not looking for a Ken doll to live happily ever after but goes for a man who is sensible, polite and someone who has a full head of hair.
Dakota Rose

Dakota Ostrenga popularly known as Dakota Rose came to fame not only because of her cunning resemblance with Amanda Seyfried and for being another one of the living Barbie dolls. She created a following online thanks to her photos and videos on YouTube. Hailed from Japan, she even managed to land several appearances on Japanese TV and was even signed under a talent agency claiming that she’ll be the next big star in the country.
However, due to a video posted on YouTube featuring Dakota and her sister in a nasty quarrel, Dakota Rose’s career started to dwindle. Although some reports claimed that the video was just a part of a smear campaign against Dakota, people started seeing the negative side of her, or at least the version of her featured in the said video.
Venus Palermo

Venus Palermo also known as Venus Angelic is just another one of those young ladies who have managed to perfect the art of dressing and make-up to look like a doll on her videos. Her videos on YouTube were initially clips of her dancing and other Japan related activities. Her first ticket to stardom however was due to her video “How to Look Like a Doll.”
Although there was no concrete evidence that shows the possibilities of her looks and general appearance being touched or altered by science, her doll-like features and skill to transform her into one is the main reason for her name landing on this list. She continued to create and upload videos in various topics which was very popular in YouTube until her channel was removed due to copyright violations in 2016.
Valeria Lukyanova

Considered as the most popular among all the living Barbie like dolls that emerged on the internet, Valeria Lukyanova is indeed one of the first and most celebrated Human Barbie. She has been the household name for almost a decade now for her eye-popping look, slim waist, noticeable breast size and flawless mannequin like skin. However, just like the other, she claims to have nothing to do with plastic surgery and insists that her look is a by-product of hard work and good genes.
Her appearance in public and social media is also believed to be the reason behind the sudden living doll phenomenon among women and men alike. Girls from Ukraine, Russia, the US and China started transforming themselves into living doll after the internet confirmed that Valeria Lukyanova is indeed a person and not just a fictional character created by the internet.

The model, singer, actress and internet sensation, after five years of crafting herself into a full-sized version of the Barbie Doll decided to rock a different look. She is still toned as ever but currently shares pictures of her with rippled abs and biceps, a far cry from the pristine and fragile look that she was known for. At present, she has managed to transformed herself into an Amazonian beauty, a fad that would probably influence people around the globe to follow her footsteps once more.

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