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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Look Into the Mind of an Online Freelancer

Working online, as a freelancer is no joke. It is as challenging as any other job out there. The struggle is still there despite of being able to enjoy more time at home than at the road, enduring daily traffic. As an online freelancer, I have been in different situations and my mental health had its fair share of ups and downs while working online.

In a report from Counsel and Heal about the how freelance jobs affects the brain, having a freelance jobs gives a person the opportunity to control their movements and how they approach their jobs. This gives the brain the chance to easily predict a person’s movement. Unlike in an office setting, the notion that what we do today depends on what our superior says or what the current facilities present at the office may allow us to achieve is quite unpredictable and makes it hard to put the brain at ease.

How the brain activates depends on how we trace our own path, in the case of freelancing. Even with stress present, the body works better knowing that we are in charge.

However, there will be times that challenges will come and will rattle a freelance workers mind and mental health. Here are some of the “mental health status” I had experienced so far, working online.

The Worrier

During the first few months of my experience as a stay-at-home freelancer, I was always worried if I can sustain the lifestyle that I decided to take. Not knowing or worrying if you’ll have enough gigs to get you going for the week, the month or in the coming years can sometimes make you think twice if working freelance was indeed a great decision. If one had managed to prepare themselves emotionally and financially to the uncertainties of freelance working, getting out of this mental status comes easily.

The I am Still a Work-Slave

A lot of people thinks that working online gives you a lot of free time to browse through your social media accounts, watch Netflix or sleep any time you want. This is not always the case. As you go through your online freelancing career, you will meet clients that will demand most of your time, clients that have overwhelming workloads, clients that will require you to be online on weekends. You’ll meet a demanding client, maybe once, twice or even more during your stint as a freelancer. It is up to you if you will allow yourself to feel like a slave, even with a generous pay, or someone who has full control of their time and resources.

The Procrastinator

Procrastinating is one of the worst attitude an online freelancer should avoid. Having a career online can be temporary or substantial to your needs and aspirations depending on your attitude.  Being a freelancer does not give you the license to go easy with your life, most especially if you plan to make this your source of income.

The Why is Success Taking So Long for Me

Some freelancers reap their hard work earlier than other freelancers. However, even with the knowledge of this fact, frustrations and the feeling that you are not good enough still lingers inside the mind of a freelancer. This can motivate you to work smarter, better and harder. But for some, this can sometimes push them to give up. It is all up to how persistent and eager you are to achieve your dreams as an online freelancer that will help you keep going.

Online freelancing can be as tough or even tougher than the traditional jobs that we have in an office setting. It all boils down to how hard you intend to hold on to your dream in achieving your goals and aspirations in the freelancing world.

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