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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Blogging for Direct Advertisers

Blogging about your passion has a lot of benefits. One of them is self-fulfillment. Nothings compares to the personal joy that you achieve when you blog about something you love or care about. You can also raise awareness through blogging. Sharing your opinions, points of views, and beliefs in life can motivate and inspire others. Blogging is also financially rewarding. We have already read a lot of successful articles about simple people who enjoyed writing and is not making money from it.

Advertisements is one of the major components in a bloggers source of income. This can be from a platform like the popular Google Adsense or other avenues like Nuffnang and Innity Ads.

Another way to generate income from your blog is through Direct Advertisers.
Direct Advertisers are brands or services that directly reaches out to you to promote or blog about their product or service for a token. Token can range from cash incentives, free products, coupons, discounts and even free hotel accommodations or free travel. Making money from your blog is indeed surprisingly amazing.

What makes you qualify as a blogger/influencer for a Direct Advertiser?

To qualify as an influencer for a specific brand, you should possess social and media influence in the niche market where the product or the service of the Direct Advertiser is offered. Getting opportunities like free clothes and jewelries or cash incentives for reviewing a beauty product or fashion accessory requires you to have an authority website in that niche. To make thing easier to understand, established beauty bloggers usually get direct advertisers from make-up brands, beauty products, apparel, and accessories while technology inspired website may get free gaming consoles from a technology brand reciprocated with a review. Building authority on your website in the niche where you intend to get direct advertisers is the key to making money from this side of the blogging industry.

How can you make money from Direct Advertisers?

Sponsored Post

A sponsored post is an article intended to describe your personal experience on the product or service a Direct Advertiser offers. However, some DA’s may require you to post a pre-written article that they have already made to promote their product. This usually includes a link that redirects to the brand’s website. You can double check and do revisions to a pre-written post to know if it is well-written, plagiarized-free, and aligned with your website’s niche.

Banner Ads

Some Direct Advertisers will ask you to display a banner add on your website that links directly to their product page or their company website. You can charge a monthly fee or annual fee for such advertising methods in the event that you would want one for your blog.

Sponsored Links

A sponsored link is a link attached to a word in an article that is already available on your website that redirects to a Direct Advertiser. You can ask a one-time fee to keep this link available on your website forever, or as long as you have agreed.

You may want to create a Media Kit for your website to be able to easily promote and offer your services to a Direct Advertiser. I’ll be writing an article on how to effectively create a Media Kit for your website soon. For now, let’s work hard and increase our influence in the niche that we love and hopefully welcome more Direct Advertisers in the future.

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