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Friday, March 24, 2017

Efficient Tools You Can Use to Track Your Ovulation

Having children is one of the ultimate dream of couples who would want to have a family. There is a hard to explain joy that comes with having babies and raising children. Although parenting can be hard most of the times, the joy of bringing a child and raising a good person within the family that you create is a personal achievement any parent would be proud of.

Timing is very important for couples trying to get pregnant. Ovulation is when the woman’s body releases the egg which will be then be fertilized by the sperm. A woman with a regular cycle ovulates once in a month. Which means there are only a few days per cycle that a woman is at her best chances of conceiving. Here are tools you can use to detect ovulation.

BBT Thermometer

A BBT or a basal body thermometer functions almost like a regular thermometer, except that it is more sensitive to the body heat compared to a regular one. A BBT might be challenging to use at first as you will have to chart your result but as you go along, you will find that it’s easy-to-use. When you see a sudden rise in your temperature - that possibly means you are ovulating.

Fertility App/Calculator

A fertility application or calculator helps you easily monitor and track your ovulation using your mobile device. Most of these are free and are available to download for all Android, iOS and even Windows phone users. Some even comes with fun, colorful icons and easy tracking that will keep your monitoring less boring and complicated. However, this may just work on those with regular periods. You might want to ask your Obstetrician for advice when your menstrual period is irregular.

OPK (ovulation predictor kit)

A free ovulation predictor kit looks like a regular pregnancy test except that it detects ovulation instead. Depending on the brand of the OBK you will be using, you can either collect urine in a cup or hold a stick under while urinating. Colored bands will appear on a test card or the stick will indicate if LH surge is occurring or not. 

Digital ovulation predictor kits on the other hand use symbols, like smiley faces, to indicate if you are in your most fertile days. It would be advisable to collect your urine between 10am and 8pm since the optimum results are most likely observe between 2pm and 2:30pm. Collect your urine every day about the same time to achieve more accurate results.

Two dark lines in an OPK mean a woman is going to ovulate within 24-48 hrs. This is your que and window of opportunity you shouldn’t miss to be able to get pregnant immediately.

All these tools can help boost your chances of conceiving. Pick one that suits you best.

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