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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Encouraging Your Kids to Write

As a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer, it is quite difficult for me to balance my time at work, my kids, housework and other things that requires my attention. I try very hard to keep up with my daily schedule, but sometimes, unexpected things happen, at work and at home, or at my child’s school that may interfere would my daily schedule.

One of the things that I really had to adjust to for the past few months was my child’s schooling. I have a 4-year-old who does not want to write. Yes, he DOESN’T WANT TO WRITE. I think he could excel at school but due to his lack of interest in writing, he needs to be guided at all times, in writing, to be able to catch up with the other kids and to accomplish the particular activity and lesson in school each day.

At first I was really not worried about him not being interested in writing. However, as the end of the school year draws news, his lack of interest in writing still started to worry me. I even had to give up one full-time online work to be able to spend more time guiding him in writing.

My kid is not a slow learner. His exams are above average and he understands his lessons well. The only problem that we have is his failing interest in writing. I was starting to get disappointed and stressed about the idea of me being a writer and my son having difficulties writing. I know that these are two separate things and that I should not be too hard on my kid.

Encouraging him to write was a very difficult task. At one point, I even got him a tutor to help him with his writing. Imagine my disappointment when the tutor told me that my child is not yet ready to write, on the first 30-minutes of their tutoring session. Imagine that, she only spent almost half an hour with my child and then she finally concluded that my child was lazy, “tamad pa po kase” was her exact words. I always knew that my kid has potential and what he needs is enough encouragement and motivation to help him write or enjoy writing.

I didn’t want to listen to what others told me. Being a parent is a relationship between me and my son. After exerting so much efforts, after reading so many articles on how to encourage my child to write, the bright light finally came. I finally encouraged my child to write using Stabilo pens. Yes, colorful, Stabilo pens. This also allowed me to discover that he knew how to write, he just didn’t want to write with the conventional pencil.

One time, I also saw him writing on a blackboard he saw on one of my colleague’s house. I told him to write the letter B, he did. I told him to write the letter A, he also managed to do so. Since then, I am encouraging and teaching my kid to write with Stabilo pens and through the chalk and blackboard approach. He’ll eventually be able to apply it on pen and paper as soon as he feels confident to do so.

The most important factor in teaching your kids to write is to never give up. Never believe what others perceives about your child, most especially if they are not professional or if they only manage to spent a few minutes with your kids. You should be the source of your kid’s courage, inspiration and motivation. Be creative in finding ways and methods that your kid will enjoy while writing. I manage to find mine, you can do the same with your kids too.

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