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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How to Become an Online Freelance Writer

Being an online freelancer writer, I always make sure to be an active member of communities and groups that supports and inspires fellow writers like me. Two of my favorite Facebook groups are Work at Home Pinoys and Ask Pinoy Bloggers. Here is where I get my daily dose of inspiration, knowledge, and the latest trends and tips when it comes to online writing and freelancing. The members are really very helpful and it helps you realize your potential in earning as a freelancer. It’s true that some online freelancers, writers and other professionals can earn as much as 100,000 Philippine Peso ($2000) in a month, some even more.

I saw one post from the group Work at Home Pinoys. The member shared how much she earned for the month of February. There’s a road to 100k movement in the group where each member motivates and inspires each other that it is indeed possible to earn as much as 100k in a month. I have decided to post my income for February as well. I earned a total of $1,130 or 54k for the month of February. However, I only posted the earnings that I had in my PayPal account which was around $650 or 31k.

I was so happy seeing so many likes from that post. This only meant that somehow, I have inspired and motivated others that it is indeed possible to earn that amount of money even while at home, taking care of my kids and doing other things that I love.

I also received a few personal messages on my Facebook account asking what kind of online job I had and how I managed to earn that much.
Here are some of the questions and answers that I have provided to the few queries that I got from my Facebook account.

Answer: There is no definite requirement when it comes to freelancer writing. As long as you are capable of expressing yourself or an idea through an article, you can become a freelance writer. However, you will need to have sample works that you can show to your client. This can be through your website, an online portfolio or sample articles you have saved for such applications. Others may require you to submit and pass a test article.

Question: What if my work experience is from a different niche?

Answer: I graduated in college with a degree in Civil Engineering. Still I have managed to land in an online freelancing job because I have always loved writing. Reading other articles online also gives you an idea on how to write and how to attack certain topics that you are about to compose for online or offline use. Practice also makes perfect and you learn a lot from experience.

Question: Are you fluent in writing English, you seem so because you managed to land in a job like this.

Answer: Yes, you need to be fluent in writing English to land in a high-paying writing job. However, you do not need to be fluent immediately to be able to secure a writing job online. Again, you can always thank experience for it. There are also many online software out there that can help you improve your writing skills and grammar like Grammarly.

Again, it all goes down to taking the first step on applying for online writing opportunities. You will never manage to learn without actually testing the waters. You need to work hard and learn continuously to improve your craft in writing. Inspiration and people that motivates you to go further also helps a lot.
To know my story on how I transitioned from an employee to an online freelancer, you can check this older post.


  1. This article will help every young and uncertain writer make his first step toward meeting the first income and maybe this will become your professional activity. The last time I write at home and it helps me spend more time with my son, but the most important is that my income remains on top and it can not but rejoice.

  2. Sometimes, the courage to take the leap is the hardest move you will ever need to take to fulfill a career online at home. But as you jump, you'll be surprised how things can fall into place, as long as you put your heart and efforts into it.


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