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Sunday, March 12, 2017

5 Strategies for Achieving Your Goals as a WAHM

Working at home while being a mom and a home-keeper at the same time is a hard task. You really need to set goals and prioritize to be able to get through the day, the week, the month, and practically your life. Lol. Kidding aside, one should have different types of goals to work on even while being a mom and a career woman at home.

You can use these aspects in your life to be able to set specific goals for each important component on your life.

·         Financial Goals
·         Family Goals
·         Personal Goals
·         Spiritual Goals
·         Health Goals
·         Career Goals

As a home-maker you need to be able to set different goals in these different sections of your life to be able to achieve completeness, balance, and contentment in your life.

Here are 5 strategies that you can follow to achieve your goals as a work at home mom.

Create and stick to a schedule

Some goals my take a long-time before they can be achieved like buying your dream home, starting your own business, or travelling overseas with the whole family. No matter how long or how short it is to achieve your goal, you need to stick to a schedule, follow through and work towards your dream. You can check out my post Scheduling Tips for the Work at Home Mom to be able carefully plan, schedule, and execute your goals as a work at home mom.

Always look for things that keeps you motivated

Focus is sometimes not enough to keep you going for your dreams. You also need to keep yourself motivated towards a goal. Just like my article What Motivates You To Blog, you need to constantly seek inspiration in keeping up with your goals.

Let the whole family be a part of your goal

You can easily achieve something is you would get help from the people who believes and cares about you. If you plan to move into a bigger house in 5 years, ask the rest of the household to commit in saving and generating other sources of income that will help you achieve the goal. It makes the journey towards your goal lighter and fun for the whole family.

Celebrate small wins

No matter how small or big your progress is towards a goal you have in mind, learn to celebrate. Pushing yourself to hard may bring you to the brink of exhaustion. Learn to appreciate and be thankful for reaching milestones towards your ultimate goals. It is important to enjoy balance between your work and your personal life. Check out my article How to Balance Life as Mom and an Online Freelancer to enjoy both worlds while striving towards your goals.

Visualize your goals

Create a dream board or a representation of the things that you would want to achieve in your life or for your family. You can keep a sketch of your dream home near your working table to keep you reminded of why you are working hard every day.

Life is not easy, whether you’re a regular employee, entrepreneur, or a freelance writer like me. However, the things that we do with our life and the dreams that we go for is what makes life fun, interesting, and worth living.

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