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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Top 13 Realization While Watching “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix

If you haven’t watched Season 1 of “13 Reasons Why” yet, I suggest you skip this article and read something else. If you do not have the time to watch it, this top 13 realizations while watching “13 Reasons Why” list would entice you to Netflix-binge over the weekend. Nonetheless, this post contains spoilers on the Season 1 of the original Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.”

Available from Netflix since March 31, 2017, it took me 2 days just to finish all the 13 episodes of the teen drama. I was so hooked with listening to Hannah’s tapes I just can’t help myself but try to finish the series as early as I could possibly can.

So, what makes the series so interesting to watch and worthy of your time this weekend? Here are as follows.

Being pretty does not make you popular all the time

Hannah may not look like the “girl next door” teenage girl, but she is very beautiful. However, bad companies and challenging situations placed her in an episode where she felt less than others. Being pretty and the center of attention can bring in situations that could alter your life.

Anyone can be a target of bullying

Unlike the usual movies and TV series we see, this series made me realize that anyone can be a target of bullying. Girls with weird braces or teen boys with huge eyeglasses are not the only type of students that can experience bullying. Even the seemingly normal teens can be a target of the bad side that comes in high school.

Everyone needs a friend, at least one

What brought Hannah to her decision in the later episodes of the series was because she had no friend. Although she had Kate in the beginning of the story, not having her around, physically made it difficult for Hannah to go through her life in high school alone. If she had at least one friend who stood with her through all the challenges she had to face in the series, she would have not taken her own life.

Some friends are not for keeps

Hannah had Alex and Jessica. She also had Courtney. She also though she had Sheri. However, in the last days of her life, these people, whom she considered as her friends, pushed her to claiming her own life.

Holding back your feelings has consequences

Hannah kept a lot of things to herself. If she had at least once person to share her problems with, things would have turn out differently for her. If she could have even considered trying to reach out to Tony, instead of recording the tapes, the story could have ended differently.

Keeping things from your parents makes problems bigger

Hannah bad bigger issues in her life that could have been resolved if she shared it with her parents. She seemed to have nice parents in the series, but she didn’t manage to tell them anything, even about her nightmarish experience with Bryce.

High school life is indeed very difficult

Teenage life and high school life rolled into one can be so BS. The series allowed the viewers to actually see the horrors that a person can experience while in high school. Some even suffers worst, pushing them to the edge of suicide.

Some friends can either drop you or lift you up

Hannah never managed to have a lifting experience with her friends. She’d see a glimpse of hope every now and then but one bad circumstance always lead her to losing the friends she always wanted to have.

Relationships with drugs and alcohol involved usually end up bad

Justin and Jessica’s relationship seems genuine.  However, with all the booze and the drugs in between the two of them, their relationship is bound to end in the most heart-breaking way possible. Not to mention pushing a teenage girl to commit suicide.

There is such a thing called bad parents

Justin’s mother was such an AH. Her son was being choked to death and her worries was that the neighbor might call the police and take her boyfriend away.

Every action, good or bad has a consequence

This is the whole summary of what the series is all about. All the things that happened to Hannah and the decisions that she had led to bad consequences, consequences that pushed her to the edge.

The truth really hurts

Clay Jensen had a really hard time going through Hannah’s tapes because he was too afraid to know why he’s name is on one of the tapes and why he could be a reason for Hannah’s death. After Hannah’s revelation about him, the truth was so devastating he ended up ending his life as well.

Saying “I love you” could actually save a life

I strongly believed that if Clay had admitted his feelings towards Hannah, things would turn out beautifully for the two of them and the story would be very different. However, teenage suicide is real and bullying can really push anyone on their edge.

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