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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pursuing an Old Passion While Being A WAHM

Staying at home opens new possibilities and allows you to go back to the things that you love doing. Besides writing, I am really into music. I love to sing and I can confidently say that I can hit a note or two. Let’s just say hearing people whoot and clap while I sing is a personal achievement for me. After all, I have always wanted to play an instrument and be a lead singer or my own band.

Fast forward to present time. I did not get the chance to have a band of my own or land in a singing career but I still love singing. Being a stay-at-home mom gave me the opportunity to get back to playing the guitar.

I had my first guitar when I was 10 years old. I have used my Christmas money to be able to buy one. It was a red classic guitar. No one on the household knew how to play the guitar so I had to rely on song books back then. The internet was still beyond my comprehension back then and I practically had no access to such technology.

It was very hard to learn especially if you are doing it alone. I can feel my fingers numb after hours of trying to practice a tune and memorize the notes. Eventually I have managed to memorize and play a basic song after a month of practice.

However, another challenge that came with learning to play the guitar is tuning it. I really had no idea how to do so.  I had to bring my guitar to school and ask friends or friends of friends to do the tuning for me.

I am still no guitar expert. But, tuning a guitar is way easier since electric guitar tuner are now available for guitar player wannabe’s like me. Learning a new song is also easier since I have access to the internet and YouTube has everything you need when it comes to learning the guitar or even the piano.

As I go back to pursue this passion, I am influencing my kids to learn the guitar or to at least pursue a hobby that they could be passionate about. Unfortunately, they prefer the piano over the guitar so I guess I’ll enjoy learning to play the piano as well.

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