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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Backpacking Tips: Staying Healthy While On The Go

Staying healthy can be very difficult especially if a free spirited backpacker seeks adventure and new experiences around the world. It is important to stay healthy so the body doesn’t have to pay for it in the end. Eating nutritious food and maintaining a healthy diet during travel can be tricky but can be attained. 

Here are some tips to stay healthy during your travels:

1. Eat healthy and pack healthy foods

Eat a light dinner. Have big healthy breakfast to start the day right and give your body the energy it needs for the adventure. 

Pack on protein bars and chocolates to keep you energized as you throttle around the globe.

Freeze dried probiotics, they are essential to help keep your immunity up. Freezing them ensures you absorb vitamins and minerals properly.

2. Keep the alcohol in check

Go easy on beer to avoid a backpacker’s belly. Six pack of beer is equivalent to two loaves of bread in terms of calories. As much as possible switch to liquor or cocktails mixes and drink it with water.

When doing outdoor activities, it would be practical to stay sober and alert. You wouldn't want to miss the view because of that hangover.

3. Drink lots of water

Stay hydrated, especially if you are on a trek or spending too much time in the sunshine. Some backpacks comes with built-in water containers. Although nature has an abundance in terms of hydration, it would be wise to drink water from a known source to avoid getting our stomach upset.

4. Keep moving

Stay active, go hiking or biking and explore outside. Get involved in activities that would keep you moving. Don’t sit still, especially during long duration transports. Always take time to walk around during bus stops or after long haul flights to stretch your legs.

5. Pack an emergency kit

Try to bring basic medications and a small emergency kit when you travel. You'll have a hard time asking for paracetamol when visiting Taiwan or Tanzania right? Bandages, alcohol, bug lotions, vitamins, antiseptics, scissors and a medical tape are just some of the items you need to have in your emergency kit.

Have some alone time and meditate to free yourself from the stress of travelling. What's the point of exploring the world if you find yourself lost and spiritually low. Reflect on life. The change of view and culture in the places you travel might change something significant in your life. On top of it all, stay healthy while on the move.

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