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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Easy Tips on How to Learn to Play the Drum

Playing the drum is like playing any other musical instrument. It requires commitment and dedication to be able to become better in it. This hard work usually pays of as you reach a higher level of musicianship.

Here are some tips on how to learn and how to get better in playing the drum:

Dedicate Time for Practice and Play

There is a different between practicing and playing the drum. Practicing involves memorizing notes and the rhythm of the song you are intending to learn. 

Practice also helps you improve your stick control, drumming techniques and drumming beats. Playing the drum is like a free-play. You simply hit your drums according to a current feeling or vibe that you have in mind. Do both in balance to enjoy your journey in learning how to play the drum.

Set Goals for Every Practice Session

It is important to have short-term goals even when learning to play the drum. For newbies, familiarizing yourself with the instrument that you will be using a must. You can check out several drumset at to be at home with your instrument.

A basic goal would be measuring how far you have improved as you practice. This should include the notes and beats that you managed to memorize, how you are improving when it comes to stick control as well as blending in with other musical instruments.

Practice on a Pillow

Practicing on a pillow improves your control and pulse. When you practice on an actual drum, your wrists are forced to bring the sticks back up. This can be painful for your wrist in the long run. Besides, playing on a pillow can be a challenge too. Imagine playing a double stroke roll on a pillow. You’ll be surprised how difficult it is!

Enjoy and Have Fun

Playing the drums should now be a chore or a boring activity. You should always have fun and enjoy every possible moment. The more you enjoy playing the drums, the more you will see yourself focused and practicing. This helps you improve faster!

Playing a musical instrument is a form of self-expression. Lose yourself for a while and discover how far you can go. Become the best drummer with practice and perseverance!

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